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Virtusa’s Digital Healthcare IT Consulting and Outsourcing services provides organizations with the innovation and transformation expertise and solutions necessary to meet the competitive, regulatory, financial and customer service requirements. Changing patient sophistication and demographics, an intensifying M&A environment integrating Payers and Providers, a shifting emphasis towards outcomes-based reimbursement and an increasing mandate towards effective care management model requires health care organizations to embark on Digital transformation initiatives to maintain leadership in their markets and regions.

Organizations are leveraging digital innovation as a key differentiator to establish brand awareness to new consumers, improve agility and time to market and enhance the capabilities of a multi-channel service model. The shift towards outcomes-based care and lifelong health positions analytics as an invaluable asset to drive reimbursement, care management, product development, and member self-service. Given the recent new health care entrants who already have consumer data engines, firms with customer insights will be best positioned for growth and profitability.  Virtusa’s Healthcare IT solutions are aligned to meet these transformation challenges and position health care firms to excel in a period of disruption, change, and uncertainty.


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Where healthcare professionals turn for solutions to problems across the value-chain.

Working with healthcare organizations to help them modernize their core systems, transform their business, and disrupt their markets with game-changing technologies.

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Virtusa's Digital Healthcare IT Consulting and Outsourcing Services


Virtusa HITRUST CSF CertifiedVirtusa is HITRUST CSF Certified for information security on the following platforms:  Active Directory, Endpoints, and Network Devices. The HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that the organization’s application development, testing, production support, and infrastructure management services teams have met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and are appropriately managing risk.

Industry Expertise

Understanding the unique business, operational and technology requirements of Health Care Payer and Provider across the full value chain including sales, marketing, customer care, care management, claims, provider life cycle management, credentialing, compliance and financial operations.

Using Technology Innovation as a Differentiator

Expertise in key technologies that are disrupting health care and leveraging best practices for modernizing applications and integrating third party solution providers. Our significant partnerships include Pegasystems, AWS,, SAP, Adobe, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Talend, and many others. We have built IP and accelerators for implementation to improve ROI and reduced TCO.

Proven Methodologies and Best Practices

Applying proven methodologies for use cases and requirements that are technology agnostic and recommending the solutions that best meet your requirements. Our global delivery team is industry recognized with unique methodologies for Agile development, Testing Automation, DevOps, Cloud Migration and Digital transformation among many other solutions and services.

Connecting Payers, Providers and Patients

Our expertise in Digital transformation and passion for Innovation is driving many of the successes we are experiencing with our customers. Our solutions in IOT, Robotics, Mobility, AI and Multi-channel customer contact centers capture information 24 X 7 whether at home, at work, or at provider care facilities providing an integrated and holistic care management platform for analytics and service.

Eliminating Technical Debt and Becoming an Agile Organization

Architecting the business model and technology architecture to scale for the enterprise with the agility to respond to immediate new opportunities. API's, Micro services, DevOps, Automation and Cloud Migration must be implemented in an integrated and coordinated fashion to achieve a highly responsive, secure, and lean organization.

Innovation Lab

Proving innovation using our Digital Customer and Innovation Labs to test how technologies such as Blockchain, NLP, AI, Robotics, Chatbots and other disruptive technologies can transform your business. Let us be an extension of your organization for product and tool selection, POC's, MVP's and solidifying the use cases that appear most ready to take advantage of the disruption.

Application Modernization and Cloud Migration

Modernizing your applications with practical, proven and innovative thought leadership to mitigate risk while embracing disruptive initiatives. Healthcare is now adopting Cloud at an unprecedented pace for applications and data lakes. Our migration factory approach will get you there in a fraction of the time that our competitors would take with higher quality and security. We are also one of the few systems integrators and innovation firms who are HITRUST certified.

Embracing Data and Analytics as Tools for Survival

Our industry recognized Enterprise Information Management team have the expertise to handle every aspect of your data requirements from MDM, Data Governance, Business Intelligence, Analytics to Cloud Based Data Lakes housing structured and unstructured data. Mining healthcare data is a competitive differentiator for any firm that will be competing for market share over the next five years.
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