Engineering Equity Hackathon

…a hackathon made for her.

To close the gap in gender equity, we’re launching an Engineering Equity hackathon. 



Why equity over equality?

Because we recognize individuality, uniqueness in ability, and the need to level the playing field to inspire growth as you learn. Equity is not about fulfilling a basic need but understanding unique requirements and providing the exact resources to succeed. Equity paves the way for achieving your goals and preparing for success.

The Engineering Equity hackathon aims to address and solve the following societal problems:

  • Girls are less likely to study STEM subjects at school; a gap that continues through to university
  • Women are less likely to consider a career in technology than men
  • Major barriers include a shortage of women role models and a lack of understanding of how technology can enable women to change the world

About Engineering Equity 

With the Engineering Equity hackathon, we are creating and enforcing the change you want to see – with a one-of-a-kind Virtusa global initiative calling out to all the talented women coders to take charge of their careers. We aim to incorporate tech solutions to resolve gender equity issues. With this contest, we intend to drive gender equality by empowering women to enhance their engineering prowess and boost talent.

Join us to code, compete, and catalyze the engineer in you.

Eligibility Criteria

If Virtusa operates in your respective country, you are eligible to apply – given that you are studying the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Engineering/ Bachelor of Technology pursuing 2nd to 4th Year
  • Master of Engineering / Master of Technology / Master of Science pursuing 1st or 2nd Year
  • Bachelor of Science – Sophomore / Junior / Senior or Master of Science pursuing 1st or 2nd Year
  • Graduating in 2022-2025
  • 60% (6 CGPA on a 10-point scale)
  • Applicable to all specializations (majors)

*All applicants are required to complete a coding exercise to be considered

What to expect

  • Over a week of hands-on learning: From coding basics to understanding the challenges with gender equity in tech
  • A dedicated woman mentor from the tech space
  • Stage 1: 4 hours of continuous individual coding (February 17th)
  • Stage 2 (Grand finale): Individuals will then be grouped into teams to collaborate for 4 consecutive days (March 8th-11th)





Grand Prize

$5000 (USD) for the winning team

$2000 (USD) for each of the regional runner up teams. (Conditions apply)


Exclusive Learning Partner

Hackathon finalists will be eligible to win free coding training through Revature. Refine your foundational programming skills at your own pace. Learn fundamentals to advance your Java, HTML, and CSS skills, developed by world-class instructors who will provide you with hands-on experience to help you strengthen your portfolio and launch your tech career.




  • The opportunity to participate in a live project/internship
  • Mentorship from industry experts and exposure to powerhouse female talent
  • Access to hands-on training and learning platforms
  • A chance to compete with women students across the globe
  • Help build solutions to bridge the equity gap
  • Kickstart your career with full-time employment opportunities
  • Significant cash prizes, multiple awards, and more

Important Timelines

  • Registrations Open – January 27th, 2023
  • Registrations Close – February 17th, 2023
  • First Level Coding Assessment – February 24th, 2023
Terms and Conditions
  • Virtusa maintains the right to ask for documentation proving your eligibility at any time during the process.
  • Virtusa has the exclusive authority to disqualify any participant(s) or team(s) during the process for any irregularities.
  • The competition’s terms and conditions are subject to change as per business needs.
  • You cannot assign your access privileges to anyone without obtaining Virtusa’s written authorization first.
  • You agree to alert Virtusa immediately if you learn of any unauthorized use of another participant’s identification or other competition-related violations. 
  • For inquiries, please email us at campuslife@virtusa.com

Our commitment to gender equity

Hear from some of our previous coding champions: