Newark, NJ, US

Consultant - (CREQ125373)


People with less experience will be considered junior/intermediate developers
1. Java ( batch experience ; not UI ) 3+ yrs
a. using java to invoke JDBC call to execute PL/SQL Procedure and Functions; and generate report files.
b. JDBC API ( Oracle, Sybase, Sybase IQ, MS-SQL Server )
c. Pipe Streaming to Linux binary
2. Oracle 3+ yrs
a. Write PL/SQL to handle large volume of data ( A few hundred million records table)
b. Interpret oracle query plans ( including parallel execution plan )
c. Oracle Optimizer Hints
3. Linux ( 2+ Yrs )
a. Must have Linux experience and running batch java code in linux invoked by shell script
b. Linux Shell command like awk, ls, cut, sort, ps, etc.
c. Linux Library APIs - Java Native Interface ( Optional )
4. Design processes and workflows to model business processes ( 2+ Yrs )
a. Design table structure and indexes;
b. Table partitions design and operation
c. Relational Data Model
5. Release Control ( 1+ Yr )
a. Using maven to build jar libraries via artifacts
b. Use of github as source control
c. Use of Jenkin to compile and source code
d. Use of SonarQube on source code scanning
6. Personality and Interpersonal Skill
a. Strong communication skill
b. Good documentation skill
c. A good team player
d. Proactive
7. Education
a. Prefer computer science undergraduate ( with Database course, Algorithm course, Data Structure course )
8. Certification ( Optional )
a. Java certification from Oracle ( Optional )
b. Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional Certification ( Optional )

Primary Location

: US-NJ-Newark


: Full Time

Job Type

: Experienced


: No

Job Posting

: 22/03/2022, 10:39:02 PM

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