Mobile Wallets Must Move Beyond Payments to Escape Infancy

A risk of card fraud and popularity of smartphones among various users has led to the emergence of “mobile wallet” solutions for point-of-sale (POS) and online shop payments. However, mobile wallets remain in a nascent stage until service providers can deliver value beyond just payments. Digital payment service providers... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

How enterprises can adopt Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is fast emerging as one of the biggest disruptive forces to drive benefits across multiple dimensions – cost savings, efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and compliance by automating key aspects of highly skilled knowledge work. Cognitive technologies that learn, recognize and process languages, designs and imagines... Read More Posted in: Process

Cyber Security – ‘Proactive’ Not Reactive

Behavioral Analysis-the next big thing in proactive Cyber Security Cyber threat continues to evolve and disguise itself through ingenious techniques evading the traditional information security programs. The various anti-virus software are not adequate solutions to the problem. Fighting Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), as they are known today requires a... Read More Posted in: Technology

9 simple ways to manage global QA teams

Software testing and Quality assurance are the heart and soul of every project; the linchpin acting between the software development team and the end users.  It is the first gateway towards end user satisfaction. Increasingly, the bulk of software testing and quality assurance activities is done across remote locations.... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

Partnerships delivering seamless Telecom customer experiences

The transformational journey from ‘How may I help you?’ to ‘I am here to help you!’ has become the major outcome for companies focused on personalized customer service as the main differentiator in the present experience driven ecosystem. The ecosystem has become more dependent on technology than ever, making... Read More Posted in: Telecom

Sara, suggest me the best insurance for my family?

Cognitive computing is at the crossroads of the next generation technological disruptions and the rising expectations of ‘digital natives’ which are in turn fuelling these disruptions. Today, artificial intelligence has been developed to reach the next phase of progressive innovation. With the empowerment of computerized model where human thought... Read More Posted in: Insurance

IoT in healthcare: Creating value through collaboration

As the U.S Healthcare goes through a fundamental shift with policy makers and payers demanding curbing of the costs, the focus is increasing on outcomes rather than on volumes for incentivizing the physicians. As a result, the payers and providers are working together more than ever to achieve the... Read More Posted in: Healthcare, IoT (Internet of Things)

How CIOs can measure RoI from cloud investment

In the last couple of years cloud adoption has seen significant growth and has now become almost a main stream technology. Till only a year or so ago discussions were around cloud centered on issues like – cloud security, feasibility, performance, compliance and availability? While these questions still exist... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing

Digital transformation – Communication Service Providers (CSPs) time to turn the table

For long Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the world has been termed as ‘Fat dumb pipe’ and a mere provider of network connectivity, who has managed to progress well around upgrading their infrastructure with time to accommodate new wireless and wired technologies by investing billions, but could not really leverage... Read More Posted in: Uncategorized

Why your CIO holds the key to the IoT

Predictions from diverse sources agree that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically impact both businesses and consumers to the tune of between $2 trillion and $14 trillion by 2020. With the clock ticking and expectations so high, it’s no surprise that for the third year in a row,... Read More Posted in: IoT (Internet of Things)