Sara, suggest me the best insurance for my family?

Cognitive computing is at the crossroads of the next generation technological disruptions and the rising expectations of ‘digital natives’ which are in turn fuelling these disruptions. Today, artificial intelligence has been developed to reach the next phase of progressive innovation. With the empowerment of computerized model where human thought... Read More Posted in: Insurance

IoT in healthcare: Creating value through collaboration

As the U.S Healthcare goes through a fundamental shift with policy makers and payers demanding curbing of the costs, the focus is increasing on outcomes rather than on volumes for incentivizing the physicians. As a result, the payers and providers are working together more than ever to achieve the... Read More Posted in: Healthcare, IoT (Internet of Things)

How CIOs can measure RoI from cloud investment

In the last couple of years cloud adoption has seen significant growth and has now become almost a main stream technology. Till only a year or so ago discussions were around cloud centered on issues like – cloud security, feasibility, performance, compliance and availability? While these questions still exist... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing

Digital transformation – Communication Service Providers (CSPs) time to turn the table

For long Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the world has been termed as ‘Fat dumb pipe’ and a mere provider of network connectivity, who has managed to progress well around upgrading their infrastructure with time to accommodate new wireless and wired technologies by investing billions, but could not really leverage... Read More Posted in: Uncategorized

Why your CIO holds the key to the IoT

Predictions from diverse sources agree that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically impact both businesses and consumers to the tune of between $2 trillion and $14 trillion by 2020. With the clock ticking and expectations so high, it’s no surprise that for the third year in a row,... Read More Posted in: IoT (Internet of Things)

Smart contracts: Too blurry to be true?

The herding mentality in finance is a recurring theme. We have seen it take place both during the dot-com boom and the mortgage crisis. Recently, it is fintech startups and the solutions that they develop which have attracted interest. Smart Contracts (SC) are a recent example of a solution... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Calibrate your development agility and service quality using root cause analysis

In this fast world, where time-to-market is as crucial as the product/solution itself, defect reduction becomes one of the key objectives for customer delight and competitive edge. Defects are injected or unnoticed at various levels of the SDLC that often results in rework impacting quality and client satisfaction. While... Read More Posted in: Uncategorized

The case of experimental environment for driving innovations in banking and financial services industry

There is a paradigm shift happening in the banking and financial services (BFS) space. Day in and day out we are reading stories about new technologies, new business models that are reinventing the way banking is done. These rapid changes are largely inflicted by a strong FinTech ecosystem comprising... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Driving enterprise mobile initiatives with a strong partner ecosystem

Today we see the chaotic, yet exciting, shift in digital transformation. Enterprises are understanding that mobile solutions are key to transforming their customer and enterprise engagement.  They are understanding because they see the mobile movement happening. So why do we talk about the Mobile movement?  We all have heard... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility

Embracing change: An insurance perspective

We humans think linearly. Our linear thinking have, so far, helped us in making linear predictions about the future and we often got away without a significant deviation from our predictions. This changed suddenly a few years ago when the explosion of new technologies started outpacing us in our... Read More Posted in: Insurance