9 Tips to build an effective Test Center of Excellence

There is a science to building a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). It involves various key steps such as customer buy-in, process orientation, enabling effective communication channels and reporting against critical success factors. Here are the 9 important tips to build an effective Test Center of Excellence. Get buy-in... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

Mobile Device Management: What if buying a boat was less expensive than renting a yacht?

Mobile enablement is an unavoidable transition in organizations that strive for success. One crucial aspect of mobile enablement is Mobile Device Management (MDM). Despite many vendors providing MDM with clear roadmaps and strategies, depending on your organization and business needs, renting a yacht might not make sense when you... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility

Key components of a successful gamification strategy

Gartner predicts that 80% of the gamification products will fail due to bad design. Hence there is a high risk of failure for the first gamification product a company ever develops. Experimenting on a non-core area is recommended while introducing gamification, especially when the organization is not social-computing-friendly. A... Read More Posted in: Gamification

How your daily health timeline might look in 2020?

This is the future of healthcare: The below snapshot is of how your daily health timeline might look like in 2020. Some of the technologies shown in the illustration might sound fictitious, yet as indicated on the right hand side column they either are already commercialized or are in advanced... Read More Posted in: Healthcare

Get Ready for Apple Watch Wearing Employees

1.2 million pre-orders of your newest wearable product in one day, resulting in $627 million on the books is not a bad day’s work. While the debates will continue on what the actual sales figures are for Apple Watch and other wearables, the real point is this: Apple Watch... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility, Technology

How PSD2 is set to impact the payments industry

On 24th July 2013, the European Commission outlined proposals around the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). One key element, is the ‘access to accounts’ proposal, which will require banks to open their customers’ accounts to Third Party Payment Providers (TPPs). So far, banks have been operating in a closed loop... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Authenticity is what healthcare is thirsting for. Do we have it?

Last night, during a dinner conversation with friends, I proposed that AUTHENTICITY is the most scarce & precious resource and trait. People need more authenticity in their relationships and don’t want pretentious conversations. Employees want their employers to be more authentic and share the good, the bad and the... Read More Posted in: Healthcare

Smart and intelligent world through IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is taking over the world in an unprecedented manner. It is about bi-directionally connecting people, data, processes and things to create a smarter and more intelligent world, by building a grid of smart objects. Data published by major research organizations predicts that there will be... Read More Posted in: Technology, Technology meets Business

Flaws in bank provisioning resulting in Apple Pay fraud

Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay mobile-payment system has taken some hits over rumors of rampant fraud. According to some reports, Apple Pay fraud is 60% higher than mag-stripe credit card fraud. And now, with the announcement two weeks ago of the Apple Watch and its support of Apple Pay, there is... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Greater Quality Assurance, better results

We often associate the word Quality with the way customers define it and the way it meets the changing business requirements. But in this dynamic business landscape, we need to look at quality with a totally different perspective. It is imperative that today’s enterprises produce quality products consistently, while... Read More Posted in: Software Testing