Key Metrics to measure Quality of a Testing Center of Excellence

Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence is a key undertaking for many organizations now. The current spend on quality has increased considerably and it is growing at a faster rate than overall IT spend. A lot of customers want to centralize testing to get a unified, wholesome picture of... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

CIOs look to reduce technical debt to scale up productivity

How to create value for businesses at a time when labour arbitrage in the outsourcing industry has plummeted? That is the challenge CIOs are facing today. And to overcome this challenge, they have started looking at reducing technical debt. Technical debt (also known as design or code debt) refers... Read More Posted in: IT Service Management, Large IT Programs, Technology meets Business

What regulatory changes are hitting banks in Q1?

Though the pace of creation of new regulatory mandates has slowed and the future of existing rule implementation, such as portions of the Dodd-Frank Act, have been thrown into doubt with the Republican victories in November, there are still many issues facing banking institutions throughout the United States. In... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Key drivers for improving DI job development

Data integration (DI) job development is at the core of every enterprise application. Quality job development could lead to better return on investments and quality deliverables, enhancing the overall business outcome. It is therefore, of utmost importance to follow a well-defined process for every new ETL job/project. In this... Read More Posted in: DWBI

Five Digital Disruption Trends Impacting the Credit Card Industry

Today, a new wave of disruption led by technologies like Mobile, Social, Big Data and Cloud, are forcing companies to innovate, and introduce new products and services at an unprecedented pace. Financial businesses, like the credit card industry, which is an ecosystem of merchants, payment processors, network providers and... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Thinking customer experience? Or Digital experience?

Move over customer experience. Digital experience is the new kid on the block. Digital experience has been a rapidly growing phenomenon among businesses over the last year or two. Moreover, for many, customer experience and digital experience are interchangeable. Today, digital experience is largely controlled by customer experience management... Read More Posted in: CEM

IoT: Is your business smart and connected?

2015 has started with a bang and the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to consume headlines. At the same time the breadth of its impact is not readily understood leaving many organizations confused as to what exactly IoT is and how they should prepare. One thing is for sure, it’s all... Read More Posted in: CEM, Millennial Enterprise, Technology, Technology meets Business

2015 – Top Trends in Retail Banks

Consumer behavior, technology and regulation have been transforming the retail banking industry. However, with so many different technologies available, it is important that retail banks separate hype from reality when deciding on their key investments for 2015 to ensure they can gain the best Return on Investment. Product differentiation... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

A millennial mindset will determine the future of businesses

The term millennials is a misnomer. The general tendency to think of millennials as teenagers is flawed as millennials were born after 1980. The majority of millennial customers with purchasing power have exploded and brought to the market an entirely new set of expectations. With their dependence on social... Read More Posted in: Millennial Enterprise

Top three factors inducing defects due to poor requirements definition

A well-defined set of business requirements is the foundation for a successful software development. Absence of an effective requirement definition may lead to various project related risks that prevent one from achieving the desired business outcomes. Therefore the utmost importance must be given to the requirement definition phase. Various... Read More Posted in: Software Testing