Grasping Pega and Understanding It

Let me start off with a comment, writing on a topic as wide open as PRPC technology can lead to a situation with no guideposts or frameworks to create within, and that blank canvas can be intimidating. Given that I was told by my teachers, “do not limit yourself”;... Read More Posted in: BPM

It’s Pega PRPC testing, so how big a deal is that?

It’s the cursor-on-a-blank-screen experience all test managers — aspiring or experienced — know and dread; and nothing plagues them more than planning a QA approach for Pega PRPC based applications. So what’s the big deal about testing Pega PRPC solutions? I mean you already have a Test Plan template... Read More Posted in: BPM, Software Testing

Near Field Communication (NFC) – Contactless payment

NFC offers the best of both worlds i.e. contactless payment and mobile technology. Smartphones let a customer store multiple credit cards and other payment methods all in one device that the customer is likely to carry everywhere with them already. It cuts out the unnecessary hassle of texting or... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Enterprise Mobility

Understanding Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud computing boasts many advantages for companies, from access to resources anytime or anywhere, to speed in testing and development. More and more, companies are beginning to make a shift to the cloud by migrating their applications and data to the cloud, but the majority still remain hesitant. There... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing

Future of Customer Experience in Digital Banking

Digital banks are no longer in the ‘money’ business but rather, in the ‘value’ business. This value is not just providing a functional benefit but also a holistic experience, (i.e. ‘what, when and how’ of the benefit), that customer values in the experience-based economy. Unlike in the past, when... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, CEM

2015 Technology Trends Update: We are a third of the way through, are you staying ahead of the digital disruption?

Digital disruption is here to stay! Couple this with increasing customer expectations, and more power of choice in the consumer’s hand, enterprises today have no choice but to stay ahead of the curve to survive. No doubt, digital transformation is a key buzzword among the C- suites today. Many are... Read More Posted in: Technology, Technology meets Business

9 Tips to build an effective Test Center of Excellence

There is a science to building a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). It involves various key steps such as customer buy-in, process orientation, enabling effective communication channels and reporting against critical success factors. Here are the 9 important tips to build an effective Test Center of Excellence. Get buy-in... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

Mobile Device Management: What if buying a boat was less expensive than renting a yacht?

Mobile enablement is an unavoidable transition in organizations that strive for success. One crucial aspect of mobile enablement is Mobile Device Management (MDM). Despite many vendors providing MDM with clear roadmaps and strategies, depending on your organization and business needs, renting a yacht might not make sense when you... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility

Key components of a successful gamification strategy

Gartner predicts that 80% of the gamification products will fail due to bad design. Hence there is a high risk of failure for the first gamification product a company ever develops. Experimenting on a non-core area is recommended while introducing gamification, especially when the organization is not social-computing-friendly. A... Read More Posted in: Gamification

How your daily health timeline might look in 2020?

This is the future of healthcare: The below snapshot is of how your daily health timeline might look like in 2020. Some of the technologies shown in the illustration might sound fictitious, yet as indicated on the right hand side column they either are already commercialized or are in advanced... Read More Posted in: Healthcare