The mystical blockchain – The bitcoin technology

While Bitcoin technology has been hitting the headlines over the last few years, Blockchain is the essence that underpins it. But what is Blockchain? It’s essentially a ledger which logs transactions between two parties. Yet while most ledgers are kept in banks or accounting departments, Blockchain is a distributed... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Five considerations for data collection in a population health initiative

Data collection is the first step in population health initiative. The healthcare data is spread across a wide spectrum and involves the participation from various players. Below are the top 5 considerations for efficient data collection. Electronic Health Records (EHR) EHRs are digital versions of patient’s medical records. Every... Read More Posted in: Healthcare

Automation – Getting things done without actually doing it!

Imagine, you are waiting for a flight and whiling away time thinking you will shop for a particular item and then instantly the task of shopping actually gets done – without you touching your tablet or laptop or smart phone. This may seem bizarre, and even unrealistic, at least... Read More Posted in: Technology meets Business

Connecting customer journey through BPM, enterprise solutions and digital technologies

Businesses today are driven under stiff competition with customer experience as the central focus. Thanks to the digital world, customers are more aware and open to numerous choices which are easily accessible – and they are just a click away! Hence, organizations are continuously challenged to think innovatively and... Read More Posted in: BPM

Cloud based testing – A quick checklist for migration

Through my previous blog in this series, we looked into the different strategic aspects of testing that need to be considered while migrating to the cloud. In this one, let us understand the three key structured processes that organizations can use as a quick checklist while migrating to cloud... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing, Software Testing

Top 4 reasons banks should be excited about blockchain

Blockchain (the technology that powers Bitcoin) is a magic box – a mix of innovations and the smart use of available solutions make it revolutionary. It’s not often that a technology paradigm has so many great ideas packaged into a small capsule. There is little wonder why all the... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Testing the water: How to ‘foolproof’ your OSS/BSS transformation

The need for rapid digital transformation, newer and more complex product offerings and regulatory compliance are all pushing traditional telecom OSS/BSS implementation partners to transform the way they operate. This journey is critical and requires a detailed approach towards overall simplification, aimed at improving infrastructure and integration with third-party... Read More Posted in: Software Testing, Telecom

Software testing on the rise

IT budget spend is a good indicator of key market trends. In its 2015 Worldwide IT Spending Forecast, research firm Gartner estimates about $4 trillion in annual spending on IT. Testing is one area of spending, which can be used to prevent avoidable failures that cut into IT budgets.... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

Artificial intelligence: The future is finally here

From the days of Alan Turing’s landmark paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” back in 1950, the promise of Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the Holy Grail for generations of scientists focused on the theory. While no machine has yet been built with a human level of intelligence, AI technologies... Read More Posted in: Technology, Technology meets Business

Inclusive solutions for enterprise risk and compliance

Over the last several years, bank governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs worldwide have been placed under increased scrutiny by regulators, elected officials and the public. The myriad of new regulations and requirements, primarily driven by the Basel III framework and regulations such as Dodd-Frank, have increased the complexity... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services