Virtualization Tiering – Opportunity for IT to reduce TCO

Increasing demands on the business, and consequently on the technology infrastructure, is compelling IT teams to diversify their virtualization product requirements. Unlike earlier, where there was a focus on engaging with a single vendor and investing in a product, business exigencies are driving IT to invest in multiple products... Read More Posted in: IT Service Management, Large IT Programs, Technology

How can Big Data solutions transform the legal industry?

Big data adoption has just begun in the legal industry and there is still a long way to go. The legal firms that don’t adopt will be vulnerable in their business since consumers, as well as corporate clients will have better, cheaper and faster choices in the market. It... Read More Posted in: DWBI

Applying Predictive Analytics for Application Health

Most enterprises spend a significant part of their IT budget on application development and maintenance (ADM). As per Gartner, ADM accounts for 34 percent of IT budgets. The cost grows as the technological complexity along with business processes and application size grows. IT managers focusing on reducing ADM costs... Read More Posted in: DWBI

Testing, Testing: Securing the IoT

The IoT is set to have significant impact on the way we do things today; either at home, at work, while shopping, even in manufacturing and medicine. To prepare for numerous networks of devices, sensors and actuators communicating in short and medium range protocols – security must be a... Read More Posted in: IoT (Internet of Things), Software Testing

Three steps to prepare an enterprise for digital revolution

Business innovation through digitization and the reimagining of business processes driven by data has become a necessity for every organization across a variety of industries. Consumers have led the business in this charge, leaving businesses with no choice but to respond or perish. Business models and processes, which had... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing, Technology

Thinking algorithms as insurance agents of the future

It sounded more philosophical when Descartes said in the 17th century, “I think therefore I am”. Today, as humans we are at the verge of building thinking algorithms that incorporate the past, present and future and come up with the right decisions. One of the areas that insurers in... Read More Posted in: Insurance

5 things CIOs must watch out for in big data

In today’s world, we leave information traces all the time, even without being aware of it. Traditionally, companies had data related to customers when they signed up for services. However, today that is merely one of the data sources. Emails, blog posts, social media interactions, credit card spending, transaction logs... Read More Posted in: DWBI

GRC: The need to aggregate and integrate all areas of risk

In today’s financial services landscape, the need for effective risk management has never been more important. This might seem obvious, especially after the financial crisis that eliminated many institutions, both large and small, from the market place, however banks are continuing to fail. In fact, according to the Federal... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

I now pronounce you device management and cloud computing

After doing numerous Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and looking at the results, it is clear that everyone has the same question, does this save us money? When it comes to device management, ironically, the answer is that it actually increases your cost! The moment you sign the contract with... Read More Posted in: Cloud Computing

Keys to effective QA organization

According to the famous engineer Joseph Juran, quality means “fitness for use” and for the legendary businessman Philip Crosby, it means “conformance to requirements.” I believe both are important, but today I want to focus on Quality Assurance (QA), as it is the engine that drives the overall cost... Read More Posted in: Software Testing