Why businesses should develop a robust gamification strategy

The average millennial spends 10,000 hours gaming by 21 years of age. So, game-like processes and applications are of great attraction to the present generation. Taking the above point forward, gamification can also improve an organization’s core processes. Since gamification brings a “fun” factor to the application, service or... Read More Posted in: Gamification

Five ways companies can inculcate design thinking for superior customer experience

Thomas Edison is best known for inventing the electric bulb; but he was also aware that the invention was of little use to people if there was no system to generate, transmit, and distribute electric power. So he went ahead and created that too. His ability to envision what... Read More Posted in: CEM

‘Wearables – payers synergies’ needs a push to set the ball rolling

‘Wearables’ are a new trend in the consumer electronics industry. They are miniature electronic devices that are incorporated into items of clothing or accessories and can comfortably be worn on the body. There are numerous opportunities for wearables in the Healthcare domain, some of them include fitness and wellness... Read More Posted in: Healthcare

Apple Watch: The Future of Wearables Begins Now

Are you ready to pay $18,000 for the 18k gold Apple Watch? Maybe not, but you probably watched as Tim Cook — in his first new product launch as CEO — unveiled Apple’s first major push into the wearables market. With the launch of the Apple Watch, the wearables... Read More Posted in: Enterprise Mobility, Technology, Technology meets Business

Why cloud DevOps for financial services companies

The consumerization of the technology industry has had a major impact on the way IT and business applications are built and managed in the financial services industry, leading to business complexity. Businesses today have a need to respond to dynamic changes in the marketplace to keep up with their... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services, Cloud Computing

Be ready to catch the telehealth wave!

‘If you are either a healthcare service provider, private insurer or a healthcare related technology company, now is a good time to ramp up your tele-health related services’. In late 2014, a US based company, Teledoc closed a $50m series F fundraising round, bringing its total funding to roughly... Read More Posted in: Healthcare

Six key principles for effective test reporting and conducting defect triage meeting

In a typical maintenance project, the Test Manager /Test Lead faces two unique and repetitive challenges every week; test reporting must be done with identification of blocking issues in execution of important test cases and the defect triage meeting (DTM) has to be conducted successfully to discuss, agree on... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

Key Metrics to measure Quality of a Testing Center of Excellence

Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence is a key undertaking for many organizations now. The current spend on quality has increased considerably and it is growing at a faster rate than overall IT spend. A lot of customers want to centralize testing to get a unified, wholesome picture of... Read More Posted in: Software Testing

CIOs look to reduce technical debt to scale up productivity

How to create value for businesses at a time when labour arbitrage in the outsourcing industry has plummeted? That is the challenge CIOs are facing today. And to overcome this challenge, they have started looking at reducing technical debt. Technical debt (also known as design or code debt) refers... Read More Posted in: IT Service Management, Large IT Programs, Technology meets Business

What regulatory changes are hitting banks in Q1?

Though the pace of creation of new regulatory mandates has slowed and the future of existing rule implementation, such as portions of the Dodd-Frank Act, have been thrown into doubt with the Republican victories in November, there are still many issues facing banking institutions throughout the United States. In... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services