Digital banking – Ushering in a new era

Digital banking has gone from being a buzzword to an everyday catchphrase in financial circles. Digital banking today means different things to different people; encompassing everything from new ways to transact, peer-2-peer channels, mobile and online banking, and the ability to send money around the world at the click... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

What EMV and tokenization mean for banks

Clearly two of the biggest buzz words this year are EMV and tokenization. Although they are frequently talked about together, EMV and tokenization represent two different initiatives and present opportunities as well as challenges for banks. There has been a seemingly endless spate of data breaches in the United... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Can technology play alchemist’s role to overcome regulatory challenges in the banking industry?

Since the end of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), there has been tremendous pressure posed by regulatory bodies to bring discipline to the financial industry, gain trust from consumers and create a better economic system. How have effective regulatory changes been so far able to meet their fundamental objectives?... Read More Posted in: Banking & Financial Services

Using mini-specs to drive better quality in Agile projects

Agile projects are often prone to issues related to requirements and design clarity, especially when there is involvement of distributed teams. One of the biggest quality levers in my opinion is “design” – both functional and technical. Putting thought upfront on the requirement and the system visualization of the... Read More Posted in: Technology, Technology meets Business

Fix it before it breaks, using IoT

The urban population in 2014 accounted for 54% of the total global population, up from 34% in 1960, and continues to grow, according to the World Health Organization. This post focuses on the elevator industry and how things could be improved using IoT. With the rapidly growing population, providing infrastructure... Read More Posted in: IoT (Internet of Things)

Re-imagining customer service with IOT

Most successful companies have mastered the fine art of superior customer service. When you think about superior customer service, images of Apple, Amazon, Disney, Southwest, and American Express are a few brands that come to mind. What do they have in common? Many of these companies re-invented their customer... Read More Posted in: CEM, IoT (Internet of Things)

Keeping customers loyal in the digital world

The digitalization of businesses has become a win-win situation for customers and businesses. For customers, it has brought convenience, transparency and better deals and price points. On the other hand, businesses have benefitted from a huge expansion in market size, an easier reach to the customers, and reduction in... Read More Posted in: CEM, Technology

Key factors utility companies should consider while deploying secure, scalable, and smart billing systems

Exceptional customer experience and effective customer data management are the need of the hour for utility companies. With digitization affecting all facets of this industry in terms of transmission (smart grids and smart meters), digital customer engagement (customers want to control everything), and digital workforce enablement, utility providers need... Read More Posted in: Technology, Technology meets Business

Digital transformation in the insurance industry

Insurance is one of the oldest industries to use statistics and modeling. Today, changing demographics and customer centric models, combined with digital trends such as big data, cloud and AI (Artificial Intelligence), are creating a data deluge. With intelligent analysis, this data can be a gold mine for informed... Read More Posted in: Insurance

How to manage teams in a global delivery model

Global delivery model has changed the way IT services are delivered and been at the forefront of all organizations. Going forward, it will be the way of the world. The significant benefits include the ability to provide round the clock services, ensure business continuity, level the playing field by... Read More Posted in: Software Testing, Technology meets Business