Innovation and transformation have always driven us to continuously reinvent ourselves, our services, our approach to problems, and the way we unlock exponential business value for clients. This continues to guide our company into a new era.


Our refreshed brand now reflects the same quality innovation engineering applied to digital, and brings together the unique combination of

Deep technical expertise with an intense industry focus to create holistic solutions
Unparalleled velocity through agile engineering teams and our Digital Transformation Studio
Measurably better digital engineering sparked by a culture of cooperative disruption


Our ethos remains rooted in our culture, our commitment to clients, and our unwavering dedication to engineering outcomes that move the business world forward.

Virtusa Billboard


Catalyst: The Virtusa design system

As engineers, we have a holistic view that reveals opportunity, sparking potential and innovation.
These moments are the catalysts of discovery and breakthroughs.

This is conveyed through the spark, our primary graphic element, patterns created from the spark,
our bright color palette, our logo, and other system elements that complement the idea.

Together, these create the visual foundation for our new look and feel
and a unique point of view with purpose and meaning. 

Virtusa Brand Overview

Sparks of potential

The spark is our signature graphic.

This distinctive shape serves as the foundation of our visual identity, representing the sparks of potential, discovery, innovation, and breakthroughs that are fueled by collaboration among talented, agile engineering teams.

Virtusa spark


A new digital look

Our color palette is a big part of the way we represent ourselves.

We use color to express our ideas, methodologies, digital innovation engineering, and forward-facing solutions and services. Cyan is our action color. It exudes energy and represents our digital ethos. A family of blues, neutral grays, and gradients were chosen to complement the cyan.

Virtusa Colors


The Virtusa logo

Our refreshed logo brings it all together.

The “i” and “r” create a negative space that mimics our spark.

Virtusa Logo

We look forward to uncovering what the future holds with you.


Sparking innovation
One sprint at a time

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