Virtusa’s IoT Platform Helps Enhance Worker Safety and Productivity for a Wearables Company

Our client, one of the biggest wearables B2B company was facing a big challenge with workers’ compensation injuries to the tune of 60 billion US dollars. They wanted a mechanism by which they could predict and prevent accidents moving into the future

The client chose Virtusa as their partner of choice because of the past experience and domain expertise.

  • The Challenge

    • High direct cost of workers’ compensation injuries posing a huge concern
    • With a workforce of 70 million laborers in US, our client was driven by the focus on decreasing the overall compensation cost due to injuries that rises to an amount of $60 Billion
    • They wanted to develop an intelligent wearable that benefits both the insurer in pricing the risk and the company in preventing the risks
  • The Solution

    • We helped build this product from scratch, leveraging or IoT platform (Skylab) and augmented by our cloud and analytic services
    • The underlying architecture uses machine learning that relies more on model training and brings together the user journey (application) and data science
    • The wearable will capture the data in a cloud and the sensor readings are fed to machine learning to get the desired output
  • The Benefit

    • The data collected provided insight about the structural drives to the insurance carrier to better price the risk
    • Helped the company to prevent, predict, or record “black box” data when accidents happen
    • Provided “new data” to our customers which redefines how we think about worker safety and productivity

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