Success Stories

Redefining test design to reduce cost and production leakage

Our client, one of the top 5 healthcare payers in the world was facing a production leakage problem and was looking to reduce costs by plugging the issue. With over 25 applications in the enterprise and more than 10000 cases  running across every release, it was becoming difficult to achieve the desired results.

The client finally partnered with Virtusa for their innovation driven, continuous optimization service offerings and looked to plug the defect leakage in production.

  • The Challenge

    • Over 25 application across the enterprise
    • Tight release schedule and frequently delayed code to QA
    • 10,000+ test cases to run every release
    • 5,000+ Automated test cases
    • 15+ Enterprise Releases
  • The Solution

    • Innovation driven, continuous optimization of our testing services
    • Optimal Scenario Calculation Algorithm (OSCAr) to optimize client’s test beds, reducing the number of tests that is required to be executed to gain optimal test coverage
    • Visual requirement representation using mind maps
  • The Benefit

    • Team was able to capture 30% of requirement related defects during design phase (Shifting left the focus on quality, defect prevention vs. detection)
    • Overall Testing effort (Design and Execution) was reduced by ~30-40%
    • 100% testing coverage for business requirement