Real-time Alert and Response by Monitoring IoT Devices for a Wearable B2B Company

IoT-based wearable solutions are highly dependent on accurate and real-time data. Hence, it is critical to monitor IoT devices’ connection status, data received, and process at Spark streaming, ensuring reliable data is available on Hadoop cluster for further analysis.

  • The Challenge

    • Monitoring the end-to-end process at regular intervals at AWS Big data
    • Data received from IoT devices are processed and available on Hadoop Cluster
    • Make sure YARN and Spark jobs are executed and completed without fail
    • Ensured the CIA’s data had been maintained for further business statistics analysis
  • The Solution

    • Build a solution from scratch, leveraging IoT platform (AWS) and augmented by Cloud and analytic services
    • Having one sophisticated dashboard monitoring system for real-time monitoring the end-to-end processes and alert relevant personnel in case of service interruption
    • Proactively take action to avoid business interruption
    • Analyze the metrics and provide further improvement on system/service monitoring
  • The Benefit

    • Sophisticated one dashboard monitor system to monitor all the services
    • Cloud agnostic and one monitoring solution for various services and easy to deploy and manage
    • Real-time alert notification in case of system / hardware failures
    • Prevent the system outage and make sure system are available 24/7
    • Minimizing the meantime to repair

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