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Pega-Based CX Command Center Helps Flooring Manufacturer Expose and Preempt Customer Impacting Events

The largest flooring manufacturers in the world, listed in Fortune 500 for 18 consecutive years with 100 years of industry innovation, is one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

North America flooring has shifted over the past 20 years from mostly soft surface to hard surface. This shift has caused complexity in both the manufacturing and distribution of this flooring manufacturer’s products. Shipping hard and soft surface products utilizing the same processes and assets has created a very complex situation that is difficult to optimize.

Customers expect the same experience in their professional lives as they’ve become accustomed to in their personal lives. Getting updates in an effortless, timely manner is becoming necessary to differentiate a customer’s experience, which will develop brand value and customer loyalty.

  • The Challenge

    Most of the manufacturer's customer service activities are reactionary due to the countless blind spots that make what could be simple very difficult.
    • 30-40% of customer service time is spent answering the question – Where Is My Order?
    • 20-30% of operations time is spent repeating the same unstructured / manual decisions with new data
    • Lack of optics causes need for more external carriers
    • White glove service is impossible on external carriers
    • Order condition and location is difficult to see
    • Communication and messaging is not dependable or consistent
    • Access to data is siloed and not available for consumption by all stakeholders
  • The Solution

    To help simplify and automate business processes and transactions we implemented Pegasystems as a digital process automation solution.
    • Provide accurate, fully visible, organizationally aligned order status by removing blind spots
    • Define business rules engine that can change easily over time and begin to automate and centralize activities
    • Enhance the application by enabling robotic automation, artificial intelligence and analytics providing ability to predict and avoid issues across the order delivery life cycle
    • Realize improved control and consistency through a high degree of standard business rules
    • Realize the ability to re-deploy resources through automation
    • A phased approach will be used to give this manufacturer an end-to-end view of orders across logistic operations and within the customer experience command center
  • The Benefit

    The solution resulted in less wasted effort and higher customer satisfaction.
    • Increase the velocity of getting product to customers without:
      Relying on heroic efforts
      Compromising customer expectations or the quality of products and services
    • Provide customers, carriers and employees with updated order status and actions
    • Provide customers with simpler, consistently positive experiences through every interaction
    • Create a sustainable brand value
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