Increasing System Availability by Deploying AWS’ IoT-based Platform

A leading wearable B2B company helped enhance worker safety by integrating data from IoT devices. Real-time and accurate data is crucial for any IoT-based wearable solution. Our client wanted to enhance data accuracy and availability and hence sought a partner who could help build a solution that monitored IoT devices’ connection status, data received and processed, and ensured that reliable data is available on the Hadoop cluster for analytics.

  • Challenges

    The client wanted to achieve the following objectives:

    • Monitoring the end to end process at regular intervals
    • Process the data received from IoT devices and make it available at the Hadoop cluster
    • Make sure YARN and Spark jobs are executed and completed without fail
    • Ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data is maintained for further business statistics analysis
  • Solution

    Virtusa built the solution from ground-up, leveraging AWS’ IoT platform with augmented by cloud and analytics capabilities.

    • Deployed a detailed dashboard for real-time monitoring of end-to-end processes
    • Implemented auto-alert system to alert relevant personnel in case of service interruption and proactively take action to avoid business interruption
    • Analyze the metrics to suggest improvements in system and service monitoring
  • Benefits

    By adopting the AWS platform, client could enhance the accuracy of data collected from IoT devices, thereby improving the alert system. Other key benefits client achieved were:

    • Easily deploy and manage various add-on solutions and services using this cloud-agnostic  comprehensive monitoring solution
    • Proactively address technical glitches and ensure high availability of systems
    • Drastically cut down on repair time for outages if any

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