Digital News Delivery for Leading Proximity Media Solutions Provider

Our client, a leading provider of proximity media solutions in Canada, faced several challenges in reusing existing inventories from multiple channels which eventually resulted in huge IT operations and third-party service cost.

To overcome these concerns, the client turned to Virtusa to build a new digital platform which could not only accelerate time-to-market but also improve topline revenue.

  • The Challenge

    The key business challenges faced by the client include:

    • Drive more revenue through their site portfolio and react faster to market changes
    • Create a platform containing an inventory of reusable and responsive components
    • Reduce IT and content creation costs while eliminating third-party service costs
    • Leverage content across multiple channels
    • Support distributed author and publisher community
  • The Solution

    We developed a digital platform to accelerate their time-to-market while improve topline revenue. The key highlights include:

    • Partnered with business and technology leaders to understand business objectives and then assessed digital marketing maturity
    • Developed a PoC and showcased key integrations with third-party systems
    • Demonstrated documented assets while creating a sample site with migrated content
    • Built a foundation platform with components, templates, and services using LaunchPad
    • Developed ready-to-author pilot sites and created an automated content migration tool
    • Built and migrated sites to the new foundation platform and generated the site structure using AEM blueprint
  • The Benefit

    The key benefits delivered include:

    • Accelerated time-to-market by enabling authors and publishers to promote their local content on-demand through a more consistent, responsive digital experience
    • Enhanced user experience by using the out-of-box AEM along with LaunchPad components. As a result, the client could rapidly deploy new sites that were responsive and had a consistent look and feel as others in the portfolio
    • Delivered faster RoI via rolling out websites in a matter of weeks while erstwhile took 18 months on legacy platforms
    • Improved brand visibility and viewership through relevant ads and promotions

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