DevOps for News Corp

Our client, News Corp, a leading media conglomerate, was planning to migrate their infrastructure platform to cloud so that they could provide seamless user experiences and strengthen their omnichannel presence.

The client, with an established customer base of more than 400 million global viewers, required to ensure all-time availability, but as their subsidiaries and LoBs grew organically, so did their dependence on multiple technologies, hence creating complex process flows and system architectures.

  • The Challenge

    The key business challenges include:

    • Lack of a cohesive approach to cloud deployment leading to slow cloud adoption
    • The existing solution based on Jenkins and CloudFormation did not provide them a unified strategy to deploy the infrastructure and applications on their private cloud or AWS and other public clouds
    • Lack of flexibility to support LoB specific requirements
  • The Solution

    We reviewed the existing infrastructure automation and put forward recommendations to improve the overall continuous integration and deployment process. The key highlights include:

    • Harnessing the visual approach
      • Enhanced planning and deployment validation by leveraging real-time visualizations through Terraform workflows
      • Utilized Jenkins instance to orchestrate the workflow
    • Automating the infrastructure
      • Utilized Chef to configure the infrastructure and deploy the applications
    • Accelerating the development cycles with the binary repositories for applications
      • Facilitated a fast, flexible, and collaborative network for infrastructure and configuration code development with GitHub
    • Automating the process efficiently
      • Utilized an extensible automation server platform of Jenkins to simplify continuous integration and orchestrate the process through the continuous delivery hub
      • Besides using this workflow approach for application stacks creation, we also used it for IAM roles/policies, Security Groups, and Route53
  • The Benefit

    The key benefits delivered include:

    • Ensured a unified deployment strategy across different infrastructure environments
    • Supported multiple LoBs and enriched with diverse use cases
    • Enhanced usability of the workflow by leveraging Terraform which was easily readable and auditable
    • Reduced operational cost by implementing a disposable and consumption-based infrastructure model

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