Cross-Channel Ad Identity Platform Transforms Business Agility with Virtusa and Google Cloud Plus

A trailblazer from the beginning, this mobile advertisement technology company created a mobile-first advertising platform that maps mobile addresses to a home address. The platform gives businesses the ability to target leads precisely and measure campaigns with real results while others still cling to email addresses and cookie tracking.

The next step to sustaining this cross-channel identity and activation platform as the business scales was to migrate to a powerful, agile cloud-based platform to cost-effectively manage data, which will improve overall business performance. Virtusa’s deep digital engineering expertise and Google Cloud’s flexible platform was precisely what was needed to take business to the next level.

  • The Challenge


    Virtusa, paired with Google Cloud Platform, was sought out to engineer and implement the following enhancements.

    • Improve mobile ads real-time bidding (RTB) platform and price-to-performance ratio
    • Implement a robust database architecture to support and access large amounts of data on a regular basis
    • Maintain reliable performance through auto-provisioning, auto-scaling, and auto-redundancy of data
  • The Solution

    Virtusa’s engineering expertise paired with Google Cloud’s agile platform ensured a smooth migration and implementation for the new database architecture.

    • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure
    • Encrypted the platform by implementing Cloud VPN
    • Fine-tuned infrastructure to ensure 100ms response time for SLAs
    • Protected and reliable infrastructure with failover replication
    • Integrated, real-time alerting and monitoring enabled using Google Stackdriver
  • The Benefits

    These platform enhancements lay down a secure and powerful cloud platform foundation to withstand business growth today and in the future as this company continues to pioneer the mobile advertisement industry.

    • Increased performance speed leading to cost optimization
    • Improved business agility launching services, deployment on demand, and managing consumer data more effectively
    • Built-in and agile security infrastructure to ensure safety and compliance

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