Complete Digitization of Licensing and Landings Application

The State of Maine is flush with marine resources and with these rich resources comes the task of administering and enforcing regulations to conserve and continue the sustained development of these areas.

The current paper process for all licensing applications is not able to keep up with the 88 different license types. The goal is to streamline the application and renewal process for all license types so that everything can be handled on a mobile platform.

  • The Challenge

    Collaboration efforts using paper documents proved to be challenging

    The immense number of license types makes it so complex and the ability for end users to initiate the application and renewal process for all license types had become challenging.

    The client was seeking a better design for, tracking, catching and landing activity for all licensed fisherman as well as ridding themselves of their dated paper process for applications and renewals.

  • The Solution

    Electronic records system transforms, The State of Maine’s Office

    Virtusa developed an application on the Pega Certification and Licensing framework that allowed for:

    • Parallel processing of cases by creating subcases and tasks
    • Intelligent routing of cases based on agent availability, skill, and workload
    • Heavy automation of update and decision making through self-healing of smart tasks
    • Smart document checklist to avoid missing and incorrect document upload
    • SLA-based escalations/notifications to teams and supervisors
  • The Benefit

    Information and Collaboration became "Faster"

    Virtusa helped the client to:

    • Complete bug fixes in final 3 sprints to deliver an advanced implementation framework
    • Replace a paper process with a electronic paperless process to manage license applications across the state
    • Integrate with the legacy system to avoid a swivel chair in the workplace

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