Cloud-Based Wearable IoT Solutions Improve Worker Safety

Driving new actionable insights about workplace safety and performance, while reducing workers compensation claims.

  • The Challenge

    Monitoring the activities of numerous distributed employees

    Annual losses from worker compensation, disability and health claims are significant. Monitoring the activities of numerous distributed employees poses both physical and technical challenges for an insurer, self-insured organization or health management organizations:

    • Capturing multiple activities such as bending, climbing, and lifting
    • Measuring driver-performance to track aggressive driving, bad judgment or inexperience
    • Assessing employee performance by capturing work rate, idle time or work time
    • Validating claims activity requires accurate data capture for each employee
    • Recording data precisely when and where injuries occur is key to promote safety, manage back-to-work activities and prevent fraud.
  • The Solution

    Innovative and adaptive solutions

    Virtusa’s real-time IoT ecosystem lies at the heart of Modjoul’s innovative solution:

    • Enables concurrent feeds and terabyte-scale data intake from thousands of IoT sensors in near real time
    • Pulls together a massive amount of parallel compute power for machine learning at the kind of scale required for Modjoul’s activity classifications
    • Near real-time computation of metrics and analytics to display on mobile applications supporting multiple personas
    • Leverages cognitive computing to analyze and interpret unstructured data to uncover actionable insights for employee safety
    • Operates in a secure, public cloud environment supporting employees of various industries and insurers offering workers compensation, health management and disability products
  • The Benefit

    The transformation of worker safety, performance and claims management

    Innovative, cloud-based IoT infrastructure provides benefits across an organization:

    • Tracks the safety and performance of employees while working and driving
    • Real-time data flow with cellular or WiFi connectivity
    • Proprietary predictive data analytics and modeling
    • Connected API gateway to the larger IoT ecosystem: time and labor, machines and access
    • Customizable dashboard to represent new insights with views for employees, supervisors, risk managers and leader of leaders
    • Integrated data for underwriting, claims and health outcomes management applications to for predictive analytics

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