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Next-gen platform for identity solution provider levels up digital transformation

This forward-looking, privacy-friendly identity solution company knows that the digital age is here to stay, which is why it was already leveraging the power of the cloud. However, it was time to level up its digital transformation efforts and move to a more secure and agile cloud-based platform by migrating to Google Cloud Platform.



The Challenge

Virtusa‚'s digital engineering capabilities paired with Google Cloud Platform's agile infrastructure was sought out by this identity solution company to help level up its IT infrastructure. The following enhancements were needed.

  • Additional security layer for data access and management from multiple user touchpoints and protection from cyber attacks
  • Automation capability and capacity to move mission-critical data across multiple environments (US, APAC)
  • Safe and secure data migration
  • Repeatable, consistent IT architecture for automation of alerts and system monitoring
The Solution

Virtusa created a powerful architecture and design on the Google Cloud Platform that made these IT enhancements a reality.

  • Encrypted security layers added for accessing and managing the Google Cloud Platform environment via a bastion host and virtual private network (VPN) tunnel
  • Automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure for fast and reliable asynchronous replication of data across the database and across multiple regions
  • Migration of all data to the Google Cloud Platform over a secure VPN tunnel
  • Real-time alerting and monitoring enabled using Google Stackdriver
The Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa's engineering expertise and Google Cloud's flexible platform made the integration of this solution painless.

  • Improved security led to cost optimization
  • Agile infrastructure that aligned the data center with the demands of the business led to decreased time-to-market
  • Real-time alerts and monitoring of the system led to lower maintenance costs and up-to-date data across all regions and environments
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