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Improving Website Traffic by 12% and Transforming the Customer Experience Within 30 Days for an International Bank

The client is a leading international bank that provides a range of products including savings and banking services, loans and mortgages, credit cards, insurance, investment advisory services, and international banking.



The Challenge

The client's legacy website was not mobile friendly, which resulted in a poor user experience for millennial customers. The website navigation to guide users around core products and the information architecture (taxonomy) to provide users with searchable and relevant information for better conversions were weak. The mortgage rate data was dated and had to be pulled through various integrations from a third-party data provider. The client was looking to develop a responsive website that detailed customer insights, targeted offers, and improved conversion and acquisition rates.

The Solution
  • Developed and implemented a scalable and a fully responsive website
  • Created a new desktop and mobile navigation menu with easy to navigate tier structure
  • Integrated internal systems directly with third-party systems to retrieve the latest mortgage rates
  • Enabled microservices for integrating with the CRM and banking gateway systems
  • Created dynamic content pieces supported with tags to facilitate product search based on features and benefits
  • Deployed a mobile banking application with loan application and payment processing
The Solution
The Benefit
  • Increased website traffic by 12% within 30 days of site launch
  • Mortgage rate data always stayed up-to-date with direct integration with the third-party system
  • Provided a better shopping experience to customers while they compared and applied for mortgage products
  • Enhanced client satisfaction through ease of use, search capability, offers, and alerts
  • Reduced overall operating costs through user-friendly features and functionality
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