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Virtusa enables BYOD initiative for over 35,000 contractors for top 5 pharmaceutical firm

Virtusa’s client, a multinational corporation with a large pharmaceutical footprint and a footprint in other industries, worked with over 35,000 contractors. This was causing tremendous strain on their IT management since it was very costly to invest in and manage laptops and other devices for a contracted workforce. Virtusa worked with the client to implement a virtual desktop-as-as-service solution (vDaaS) so the client could transition to a bring your own device (BYOD) model. With vDaaS in place, the client could provision digital workspaces on contractor-owned devices, thereby reducing costs. The client also realized operational efficiencies in many other areas with this solution.



The Challenge

Our client works with a contracted workforce of over 35,000 individuals.

With such a large workforce, laptop and device management had become an intensive process. IT was manually provisioning assets for contractors, which resulted in long onboarding and offboarding of contractors. Additionally, the client was limited by its on-premise virtual desktop infrastructure and experienced bandwidth issues due to overconsumption. IT also had little control over laptops and corresponding data once assets were deployed. The client was looking for an enterprise-wide solution that would help it better provision desktops, save money on assets, increase virtual desktop scalability, and avoid data leakages.

The Solution

After assessing the client’s software landscape and contractor needs, Virtusa determined that its vDaaS offering, which leverages Amazon Workspaces, was a good fit to manage the clients many challenges.

Virtusa worked with the client to integrate and optimize its application portfolio with Amazon Workspaces. The initiative also included creating system images and automating image management and optimization.

To centralize IT management even further, Virtusa integrated ServiceNow, an IT service management platform, with Amazon Workspaces so that the client’s globally distributed team could initiate requests to provision digital workspaces and manage other user issues.

Virtusa also implemented proactive diagnostics that monitor for certain events on Amazon Workspaces, such as those related to security or performance, and then trigger self-healing activities depending on the event that occurs.

The implementation included an enterprise-wide rollout of Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based centralized work collaboration and communication platform. This software suite works with Amazon Workspaces out of the box.

The Solution
The Benefit

With vDaaS, the client was able to transition over 90% of its contractor workforce to a BYOD model.

This implementation drastically reduced the investment in doling out company-owned laptops and devices to a contracted workforce. The client was also able to more easily able to align and scale its investment in virtual workspace usage with the needs of a contracted workforce. Since all data and software was centrally managed through workspaces and aligned with the company’s active directory, data remained with the organization and software licenses, such as those for Office 365, could be quickly re-allocated when contractors left.

By integrating ServiceNow with the BYOD model, the client could initiate a request and provision a secure workspace that a contractor could access within minutes. Previously, contractors had to wait up to a couple of weeks in order to get access to the client environment they needed to do their work.

Rapidly Enable Your Remote Workforce

 Virtusa’s Desktop-as-a-Service (vDaaS) solution

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