Crisis Management in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Accelerate patient and population health outcomes

Crisis can affect healthcare and life sciences firms in a variety of manners. If the crisis is related to infectious disease, lab priorities may suddenly shift to developing vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostic tests or shift to address the epidemiology, spread, or underpinning knowledge of the disease. Even if the crisis doesn’t affect priorities, researchers may have to deal with constraints such as restricted lab access. For those who must manage patient care, it’s important to quickly pivot from regular day-to-day efforts to a focus on educating the patient community and managing their safety during crisis.

Virtusa has developed a collaborative cloud-based, AI-driven platform called vLife that can help healthcare and life sciences firms expedite their ability to bring solutions to the marketplace. vLife contains a large amount of real world and synthetic data that can be used without PHI concerns. It also contains pre-built disease progression models, tools and predictive analytics for a joint engagement. Beyond a host of pre-built offerings, vLife connects numerous healthcare and life sciences entities to create a network that promotes collaboration.



With vLife your teams are empowered with the innovative capabilities of the cloud and artificial intelligence to help your teams focus on their goals even if they’re facing a situation that disrupts their work environments and priorities.

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