Healthcare Analytics & Reporting

Address complex healthcare challenges using data, analytics, AI, and automation

Federal mandates and stiff competition are accelerating the move towards value-based care. According to a recent report by Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network, more than one-third of payments are now based on value. With the fee-for-service model on the wane, healthcare spend is under the scanner, making it imperative to adopt a data-driven and patient-centric approach. This requires enterprises to organize, unify, analyze, and visualize data for better business decisions and to drive business transformation.

Healthcare AnalyticsToAction

Virtusa, in partnership with IBM Watson Health, helps address the changing market conditions with a solution that enables companies to use data and analytics in providing value-based care.

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InsightsToCare is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics solution with the commercial database comprising of detailed cost, utilization, and other de-identified medical records of more than 250 million patients.

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CareDiscovery Quality Measures (CDQM)

This solution, offered in partnership with IBM, supports CMS compliance and core measure reporting requirements. It provides accurate, on-time and comprehensive records making it the tool of choice for regulatory reporting.

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