Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Accelerators

Virtusa’s innovative SDLC accelerators focused on greater agility (without fragility) in software delivery.

Our Engineering Strategy​

Smart ALM

Empowers Agile teams to “shift left” and work smarter rather than harder.

  • Leverages predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and assistance
  • Proactive improvements in requirements, test cases, defect and sprint management. ​​

Intelligent Engagement ​

Enables self-motivated, high performing teams with real time intelligence and gamification.

  • Leverages powerful dashboards focusing on behavior-driven performance.
  • ‘Next best actions’ prompt immediate course-correction.
  • Gamified leaderboards to encourage greater engagement.

Low Code Automation ​

Eliminates waste and reduces risk through robust, multi-channel automation.

  • Leverages easy-to-use automation frameworks with built in best practices.
  • Targets improvements in SQA and RPA.
  • Aims at effort compression and increases in operational efficiencies.


Enterprise dashboards for Agile empowerment
Equipped with real time intelligence on engineering productivity and quality, InsightLive – SDLC is aimed at driving accountability and team synergies coupled with seamless SDLC automation to improve speed and agility.

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Polycloud Intelligence

Optimizing Sustainable Cloud Usage
Follows the concept of providing a wide array of metrics sitting on top of cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS Platform, and Azure Platform, thereby enabling hybrid / multi cloud environments. Polycloud Intelligence application has the capability to monitor, optimize and sustain applications, resources, and services on either of the above platforms.

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Smart ALM Requirements

Intelligent Requirement Clarity Assessment Framework
Ensure requirement quality at inception through intelligent analysis and review, enabling a “Right-first-time” approach for business analysts.
Smart ALM Requirements is available as a JIRA Plugin.

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Smart ALM Test

End-to-end Test Management & Test Optimization
Smart ALM Test plugin enables a seamless and simplified journey from test case creation to test execution, by leveraging combinatorial testing for efficient optimization.
Smart ALM Test is available as a JIRA plugin.

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Smart ALM Defects

Intelligent defect assessment and management framework
Enables automatic recognition of the defect injector and ensure the fix is addressed by the most suited developer through intelligent analysis of defect data. Also enables intelligent identification of the likely individual who missed the defect during functional testing (defect leakage).
Smart ALM Defects is available as a Plugin/Addon.

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Low-code Digital Test Automation(Centroid)

End-to-end digital test automation
Ensures the provision of a mechanism for both non-technical and technical users to automate and allow management of agents across a distributed farm of hosts.

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Low-code RPA

Simplified automation for business & IT Ops
A comprehensive RPA tool with a set of features that makes it easy to use, cost effective, scalable and more reliable as compared to traditional IT solutions.

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Low-code Human Clickstream Monitor

Intelligent requirement capturing
An innovative platform designed to overcome the challenges in conventional requirement gathering methods, enabling a more complete and accurate derivative of the current state of a given business process workflow, using automation.

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Microservices Accelerator

Accelerating the Development & Deployment of Microservice applications
Ensures the standardization, and the acceleration of development + deployment of microservice applications, and the resident echo system, through a Low / No Code platform. The Microservice Accelerator has the capability to customize a tool stack and generate base, with minimum effort, and deploy same on both cloud, and op-premise environments.

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