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DevOps enables media & entertainment companies to take advantage of the speed and magnitude of digital disruption. App-based services, omni-channel customer experiences, video on demand, VR and AR, and hyper-targeted marketing are just some of the trends necessitating scalable and agile business processes.

Virtusa helps companies accelerate adoption of DevOps to promote on-time delivery of products and services. Building on close integration between development and operations, our expertise in business process automation, big data and advanced analytics, and machine learning and AI technologies helps drastically reduce time to market while improving operating margins.

Our Solutions

Digital Strategy Consulting

Virtusa’s digital strategy consulting offering enables a seamless digital experience by providing a digital roadmap for organizations that includes process optimization and enhancement strategies. Virtusa’s proven methodology for creating this digital roadmap includes identification of current pain points and assessing the effectiveness of an organization’s digital footprint, defining the customer journey on client websites and other digital platforms, and blueprinting roadmaps for digital strategy including migration to Digital First.

Cloud Migration

With our cloud migration factory model, we enable organizations to meet demand for high-quality content and address issues pertaining to large file sizes and the complexities associated with multi-platform delivery models. Our model employs repeatable processes and reusable artifacts for application migration and identifies and aligns with organizational platforms (infrastructure and application), architecture blueprints, policies and guidelines. Our cloud migration model helps organizations in the TV and film industry achieve efficient cost control and operational excellence through cost reduction in development, infrastructure, maintenance, and component reusability. Our implementation plan also helps businesses achieve faster migration with reduced risk and increased scalability and allows businesses to rapidly adapt to technology innovations.

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Robotic Process Automation

Virtusa’s Robotic Process Automation solution offers artificial intelligence (AI)-led robotic processes to automate manual operations across billing, service, and customer care operations. Our solution enables media and entertainment companies to reduce operational cost while at the same time improve operational efficiency. Virtusa’s proprietary RPA solution accelerator “Acceleo” enables media businesses with an easy, efficient and cost-effective path to automation. With a consulting-led methodology to identify use cases, strong partnerships with leading RPA vendors such as BluePrism, UIpath, Automation Anywhere, etc. and seamless integration of RPA with cognitive and AI technologies across channels (such as online, call center, POS, mobile etc.), our RPA offering can reduce up to 40% on their operational expenditures for media and entertainment firms.

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