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Virtusa / Robotic Process Automation / RPA – Insurance & Healthcare

Operations leaders have to deal with increasingly regulated business environments, the pressure to reduce operational expenditures, and increasing work volume management via legacy systems and workflows.

The application of cognitive technologies such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to robotic process automation offers radical transformation to insurance and healthcare operations. High-volume processes across the value chain become faster and more cost-efficient. The combination of robotics, cognitive technology, and the right people has and will continue to fundamentally change operational activities and help businesses scale with ease.

Our suite of robotic automation solutions reduces operational costs and manual efforts for a variety of industries to bring efficiency to operations.

Intelligent Automation for Claims

Transform claims booking, payments, and recovery with Robotics

Intelligent Automation for Claims

The claims lifecycle has various manual components and involves coordination between multiple systems that start from booking a claim to making a payout. Our solutions for insurance claims processing help businesses eliminate manual, repetitive steps from the claims cycle, scale to handle claims volume, and faciliate better tracking of claim decisioning .

Claims Operations Transformation

We eorked with a global insurance leader to enable automated claims logging, validation, adjudication, and payments with Robotics

Robotics Process Dashboard

We implemented a robust and scalable robotic dashboard system for a major insurance provider to enable them to monitor and measure performance of multiple robots that execute claims operations in their work environment

Intelligent Automation for Customer Enrollment

Onboard new customers more quickly and efficiently

Intelligent Automation for Customer Enrollment

Traditional customer enrollment processes are highly manual, document intensive, and error prone. Our solution applies intelligent character recognition and machine learning to process documents and also utilizes robots for data entry into customer data management systems to achieve end-to-end automation

Policy Issuance Process Transformation

Virtusa implemented a solution for an insurance giant to automate the customer enrollment and policy issuance workflows with robotics

Patient-Care Process Automation

Integrate healthcare systems and improve the patient experience

Patient-Care Process Automation

Robotics are a cost-effective, easy-to-implement means of integrating the various systems that are used for patient management in healthcare. Robotics can also easily meet challenges issues with respect to patient information confidentiality, security, and audit requirements.

Patient Care Process Transformation

Virtusa optimized the patient flow at a leading healthcare institution by integrating the patient self -service systems with back-end administration systems and allowing both systems to share information using robotics based interfaces

Automated Customer Service with Robotics

Reduce full-time equivalents (FTEs) and achieve a better response time in customer service operations.

Automated Customer Service with Robotics

The combination of a robotics solution to integrate with customer service systems and a cognitive engine to understand customer queries, respond to simple cases, and route complex ones can help transform customer service operations and make them less FTE intensive.

Call Center Transformation

We applied desktop robotic automation solutions to automate manual data-entry tasks and enable faster ticket resolution for the call center operations of an insurance giant

Revenue Cycle Acceleration for Health Insurance

Faster revenue cycles through robotics

Revenue Cycle Acceleration for Health Insurance

Robotics to integrate multiple systems used in the revenue cycle process for healthcare claims, handling multiple data sources and acccelerate turnaround time.

Healthcare Claims Payment Transformation

We built a solution to lookup multiple codes for disease classification, billing codes, and other reference information and  also to eliminate manual intervention in the claims payout process for a healthcare insurance firm.

Regulatory and Compliance Process Automation

Reduce manual effort in regulatory and compliance processes with robotics

Regulatory and Compliance Process Automation

Robotics eliminates the effort involved in making changes to processes and supporting systems for regulation compliance in multiple states and countries that an insurance company may operate in.

Compliance Reporting Automation

Virtusa reduced the manual effort involved in financial compliance reporting for multiple geographies for an insurance firm with a robotics driven solution that facilitates the easy development and deployment of reports suited to the requirements of each area.

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