Altering the dynamics of an an enterprise through Agile QA

In the past, most web development workflows were based on the waterfall model and followed steps in a sequential manner, which meant that testing happened only toward the end of the lifecycle, just before the release went to production.

The difference with Agile processes is that testing itself is not a separate project step. Agile testing requires collaboration between all members and stakeholders. It is more people-oriented than process-oriented. With continuous feedback being the mantra for success, people are pushed to evaluate what they are doing on a daily basis

With a shift to Agile-based testing, clients can witness up to 70% reduction in their automation costs and can save more across their release costs.


A framework for black-box test designing—a combinatorial testing accelerator to simplify the optimum number of permutations to be tested


OSCAr highlights

  • Cloud-based web framework
  • Define decision points using a graphical mind map
  • Define restrictions to control resulting scenario set
  • Prioritized test generation allows focused testing
  • Easy test scenario management
  • Reduce test design effort by ~30%


Pre-built automation frameworks for industry standard automation and to accelerate test scripting


With our proven solution for test automation, Virtusa Test Automation Framework (VTAF), companies can achieve

  • Reduction in test automation costs by as much as 70%
  • Automation is three times as fast with natural language processors like DSL and model-driven methods
  • Reduction in script porting costs by as much as 90% through a tool-agnostic script
  • Reduction in automation test suite maintenance costs by as much as 60%

Benefits delivered

  • 3x productivity improvement of test script creation
  • Reduce overall regression test execution effort by more than 80%
  • Reduce test cycle time by more than 50%
  • Reduce test suite maintenance effort by more than 50%

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