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Virtusa / Infrastructure Management Services / IMS for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare industry today is going through significant change due to increasing demand for affordable and quality care delivery. Newer disruptive technologies help address these dynamic market needs, and enable healthcare providers and health systems to collaborate across the value chain and gain meaningful business insights. Bringing together technology, processes, and business models has opened up new avenues in the healthcare ecosystem. Partnering with Virtusa enables organizations to rethink engagement strategies with payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs.This, in turn, facilitates cost containment, patient-centered care and enhanced care delivery.

Virtusa offers services and solutions that enable you to harness the power of digital technology to create a more patient-focused environment that is both integrated and efficient.

Trusted IT partner catering to the needs of rapidly evolving Healthcare and Life Sciences industry

Regulated Data and Platform Migrations

Keep your data and systems up to date and compliant with regulatory requirements

Regulated Data and Platform Migrations

Healthcare Payers and Providers are liable to achieve the regulatory requirements while maintaining the patients’ records. Virtusa ensures the payer organizations are compliant and systems & processes are up-to-date delivering at optimized cost with exceptional performance. Virtusa provides range of services in platform consolidation and data migration which enables the client to focus on their core competency resulting in reduced administration cost.

Benefits Delivered include Improved system agility, lower administration cost and optimized return on investments

Integrated Clinical Data Management

Drive business productivity through comprehensive data analytics

Integrated Clinical Data Management

Integrated cloud-based platform and service suite for transforming data from various sources, in line with industry or proprietary targets aligned with Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) guidelines. Virtusa enables pharmaceutical companies with high quality, cost effective and near real time availability of submission ready data for medical devices and pharmaceutical organizations.

Integrated Clinical Development Platform enables organizations to extract clinical R&D data which empowers decision-makers with comprehensive analytics. Cloud secured data management is an one stop solution for all the needs of Clinical Data Management.

Laboratory Computing Services

Enhance your overall productivity using our comprehensive suite of lab computing services

Laboratory Computing Services

Virtusa provides laboratory computing services covering Data monitoring for proactive problem resolution and IT asset inventory & risk mitigation. Virtusa ensures IT in client’s lab is industry ready for any new project kick start, and as a result response time, instrument uptime, and overall scientific productivity is improved. Virtusa IT professionals understand science and how scientific instrumentation and IT connect to contribute to better workflows and scientific outcomes.

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