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Virtusa / Application Support & Maintenance / ASM – Run the business

Virtusa helps IT leaders manage and govern ‘run the business’ aspect of their processes by infusing principles of  ‘Agile IT’. This proactively helps align business level KPIs with IT service level agreements (SLAs).

Business-IT Alignment is very critical in creating the shift from IT SLAs to Business SLAs. Virtusa uses proprietary tools that enable a holistic view of items ranging from business processes to IT infrastructure, thus creating a 360 degree alignment between IT and business.

This bring about the following benefits:

  • Business aligned critical incident management
  • Business KPI aligned proactive monitoring of the technology environment
  • Application impact analysis for changes in business processes
  • Impact on business processes by IT changes


Centroid is a comprehensive end-to-end automation tool that enables multi-channel test automation leveraging non-specialized resources and provides, performance monitoring on mobile devices, and agent based parallel test executions and rich reporting for test execution and management


Key features

  • Supports a wide spectrum technologies and
  • data sources
  • Seamless cross-channel automation
  • Web, Mobile, Web Services, Databases, Desktops
  • Distributed parallel execution
  • Simplified script creation ; zero code approach !
  • Scheduling capabilities – Can be set to run automated tasks at pre-defined times and intervals
  • Trigger based event execution – RA’s listeners can trigger events when pre-defined conditions are met
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Provides rich reports and dashboards

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