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Today, IT has become an integral part of every business and plays a pivotal role in accelerating time to market, reducing cost, and providing better and predictable service. However, the degree of alignment of IT with business can make a big difference to business outcomes. Customers, today, are looking for new ways and means to transform their applications for the digital ready world and they expect vendors to eliminate business disruption, improve business agility, and automate as many processes as possible.

Virtusa provides a business led approach with a focus on accelerating business outcomes

Application Development

Enabling effective business outcomes

Application Development

Virtusa supports clients through the entire application development life cycle – this includes analyzing their IT requirements, developing focused solutions and maintenance, and on-going support for those applications. By closely collaborating with our clients and understanding their business, we help to construct the right roadmap for evolving their applications to deliver true business value.

Our in-depth industry knowledge, technical expertise, and robust processes environments help us deliver measurable business results, transforming our customers’ application development investments into reliable and future-proof applications. Our application development methodology is based on

  • Global Innovation Process (GIP) – Standard agile delivery methodology to provide the most flexible, responsive, rapid, and high quality globally distributed innovation and development capabilities
  • ERA Insight – Comprehensive code quality and reuse governance solution that consolidates best-of-breed open source and in-house tools for improving code quality, reuse, and reducing code duplications
  • Productization – Our services for developing and engineering software solutions that help businesses to create and consolidate technology assets into organization-specific platforms

Application Support and Maintenance

Delivering higher business value and unparalleled transparency into operations

Application Support and Maintenance

Virtusa ASM has been successfully designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise-wide ASM solutions, for the past 5 years now. Our ASM offering takes a holistic approach to deliver higher IT and business value and provide an unparalleled transparency into operations.

  • Delivering higher efficiencies
  • Our unique set of automated tools and frameworks focus on delivering significantly higher efficiencies over and above a globalized portfolio and delivers upto 55% efficiences across 3 to 5 years
  • Our business first approach starts with the assessment of business value and IT efficiency which helps us tune our operating model and sign up to deliver the results
  • Our ASM model is a transparent relationship model allowing full alignment and seamless integration between business and IT through white-box governance

Application Modernization

Business-driven approach for end-to-end transformation of legacy applications

Application Modernization

Managing complex, legacy systems is a challenge for any business. To meet the demands for business innovation and agility, enterprises are looking to improve the overall structure, reusability, flexibility, and performance of existing applications and platforms.

At Virtusa, we have developed a business-driven approach for end-to-end transformation of legacy applications, focusing on business value, customer experience, and operational benefits. Our application modernization services offer the transformation of existing applications into a set of highly integrated, flexible and streamlined applications and processes.

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