Our Perspective

With exponential increase in regulatory requirements coupled with intensified supervisory scrutiny, financial service organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to manage this change and at the same time reduce compliance risks. Furthermore, the influx of new regulatory rules is continuously outpacing the organisation’s internal resources and systems. As a result, there is an emerging need to have a future-ready and effective regulatory information management framework that can address compliance risks by tracking, managing and addressing the existing as well as the new regulatory requirements.

Virtusa can help organizations in their regulatory transformation journey and implement Effective Regulatory Information Management strategies while addressing compliance risks in the millennial era.

We can help you
• Understand how to implement an effective regulatory information management programme
• Identify, classify and assign actionable regulatory information in your organisation
• Reduce manual entries and automate compliance processes by 30%
• Constantly assess, update and adhere to regulatory norms
• Discover new strategies for addressing new and tougher regulatory norms