Business support is gaining significant popularity across Europe as organizations seek to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. It has become a key component of our business. Some of Europe’s largest corporations and banks have outsourced the support and management of their financial systems to us, in full or in part. We offer 24/7 support, with full SOX compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley Act).

One point of difference, much appreciated by our clients, is our knowledge of financial business as well as technology objectives. Our consultants bring expertise in treasury and capital markets, for example, as well as being skilled in the various financial systems including: Wallstreet, Simcorp, Charles river, Pega Systems, and more.

Our offerings are targeted towards corporate treasuries (Across all industry sectors), government & central banks and financial institutions (including organizations managing: assets, investments, funds, hedge funds, as well as insurance and pension funds).

In addition, our business model sets us apart. At the outset of all business discussions we focus on the desired outcome. Measuring and achieving these goals becomes a joint ambition, mutually beneficial to both parties. Our business model is founded on our ambition to partner with our clients and thereby achieve a win-win scenario. Their interest becomes our primary interest. This is key to joint success in our opinion, rather than one party gaining at the expense of the other.

Through outsourcing the support and management of financial systems, organizations achieve a more streamlined business, with reduced operational risk, and internal focus on their own core competencies.

Examples of services include: Management of financial systems in full or in part, single point of contact with first and second-line support, business critical support for financial applications, real-time monitoring and alert, system optimization, custom development, incident management and server support services.

Benefits delivered

Our focus is delivering expert knowledge and solutions to those working with financial services. Direct benefits to our clients include reduced operational risk, cost effective scalability and enhanced efficiency by enabling clients to focus on their core business.

Regulatory Compliance

Virtusa’s Regulatory Compliance services help leading organizations easily comply with the complex regulatory norms by simplifying and automating the compliance processes.

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Financial Systems Support Services

Virtusa financial systems support services help organizations accelerate time to market for launch of new products/services and reduce operational cost.

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