The financial services sector continues to experience change on a number of differing fronts including reform, regulatory compliance, outsourcing, internationalization, technological developments etc.

To remain ahead of the game requires constant observation and forward thinking.

Our consultants continually monitor these trends and glean valuable industry knowledge from a wide range of sources. We are able, therefore, to bring respected third party opinion to our clients to support their decision making and forward planning.

Our offerings are targeted towards corporate treasuries (Across all industry sectors), government & central banks and financial institutions (including organizations managing: assets, investments, funds, hedge funds, as well as insurance and pension funds).

Our services include: Advice on regulatory compliance; advice on system selection; BPM (business process management); EIM (Enterprise Information Management); development of new workflows and processes; business intelligence; system selection; identification of value-creation initiatives; preparation of RFP’s; cash management advice and cash management system advice.

Benefits delivered

Our focus is delivering expert knowledge and solutions to those working with financial services. Direct benefits to our clients include reduced operational risk, cost effective scalability and enhanced efficiency by enabling clients to focus on their core business.