Evolve your SAP strategy

We combine the expertise of industry consultants and SAP certified professionals to rapidly deploy SAP offerings to drive value and accelerate business results.

We bring together the skills and the expertise to help evolve your enterprise's SAP strategy

Industry Knowledge

Understanding of the various requirements for SAP strategy evolution across industries

Key Technologies

Working knowledge of the key technologies that are disrupting the market today and leveraging the same for optimal results

Key Methodologies

Applying key methodologies for use cases and requirements that are specific to every industry and recommending the solutions

Scaling & Agility

Architecting the business model and solutions to scale for the enterprise

Innovation through RPA

Adding value by leveraging our engineering heritage and add-on solutions

Virtusa’s success in navigating the SAP ecosystem enabled us to identify 5 distinct pillars for our services. Our clients are continuously asking us for unbiased advisory services for SAP. Given the quickly changing SAP roadmap, our clients want us to identify use cases, plan and deploy solutions for their critical processes.

SAP Solutions

Project & Portfolio Management

Centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects

Regulatory Compliance

Assessment and evaluation techniques for assuring regulatory compliance

Sales, Inventory & Operational Planning

Helping provide replenishment and profitability strategies for an organization

Demand Management

Helping forecast, plan and manage the demand for products and services across the organization

Financial Planning & Analysis

Helping assess profitability, liquidity, solvency, and stability through various benchmarks and comparisons for organizations


Considering and providing the visibility of operations in a closed-loop model across all facets of the enterprise

Committed to Customer Success

Virtusa’s SAP practice is committed to our customer’s success as you take on the initiatives having the highest priority for your business. We understand that this may also involve addressing core needs. Whether its helping:

  • Diagnose – Develop the business case rational through focused assessment
  • Plan – prepare a plan that meets your goals
  • Deploy – Provide skilled resources to deploy the prepared plan
  • Innovate – Add value by leveraging our engineering heritage
  • Support – Provide AMS services

Virtusa can help meet all the requirements that you have.

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