Virtusa / Independent Validation Services

Accelerating business outcomes through technology innovation: Virtusa's IVS practice

Virtusa’s IVS practice was built from the ground up for technology innovation and business transformation. We have gathered together more than 4000 QA professionals and business consultants from across the world. While our expertise is diverse, all of us are focused toward helping our clients accelerate their business outcomes.

We bring together the skills, tools and assets required for accelerated outcomes

Multi-industry knowledge

Understanding the unique requirements across industries and various specialty offerings

Key technologies

Working knowledge of key technologies that are disrupting the industry and leveraging best practices

Proven experience

Providing services to more than 180 global clients for more than 19 years

Open-source adoption

Adopting unique solution accelerators across open-source platforms

Agile testing

Using more than 150,000 reusable assets and automated assessment tools for continuous automation

True partners and trusted advisors ready to help transform your enterprise

At Virtusa, we follow a business-first approach and we collaborate closely with our clients to identify what is important for their business. We implement a series of accelerators underpinned by the Virtusa test methodology and governed by robust SLAs and KPIs that are directly linked to business outcomes. Our SLA-based approach to quality management allows managed services projects to be built with multi-year discounts, long-term efficiency, and true partnership with our clients.