Virtusa / Digital Process Automation

Key to winning in the digitally CONNECTED world

Virtusa’s DPA practice collaborates with large and medium-scale enterprises and utilizes its dedicated experts to drive core automation benefits such as cost efficiencies, faster time-to-market, and improved customer service. Our transformation approach through DPA is a critical foundation to orchestrate a digital organization, enable agility and answer the duality challenge of driving revenue while reducing costs. With real-time insights, digital acceleration technologies like IoT and AI, customer centricity, and orchestration of processes, Virtusa DPA practice is the key to winning in the digitally connected world.

Virtusa DPA services set the foundation for answering any CIO's dual challenge of driving revenue and reducing costs

Industry Knowledge

Understanding of the unique requirements across industries - such as customer experience, risk management and compliance, and process standardization

Key Technologies

Working knowledge of key technologies that are disrupting the industry and leveraging best practices for integration with legacy platforms and processes

Key Methodologies

Applying key methodologies for use cases and requirements that are technology agnostic and recommending the solutions

Scaling & Agility

Architecting business model and technology solutions that scale for the enterprise and also have the agility to respond to immediate opportunities

True partners and trusted advisors to help you implement strategies for innovative, enterprise-wide transformation

Our people are highly analytical problem solvers with a heritage of 200+ DPA implementations and more than 15 years of delivering programs to enterprises.

Our services and solutions are targeted at achieving high impact partnerships with the business and technology leadership across organizations of all sizes and regions. With more than 2500 DPA experts and 180+ active clients, we are built for scale while always staying agile

Committed to winning in the digitally connected world

Virtusa DPA practice is committed to our customer’s success as you take on initiatives that have the highest priority for your business. We understand that it may be addressing your business challenges such as:

  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Process Standardization

With streamlines orchestration of tasks, digitization of rules and a platform for continuous change, DPA is the perfect enabler to the digital platform driving:

  • Your journey experiences across multiple connection points and devices
  • Making your enterprise stronger and more competitive through business platforms and agility
  • Speed of digital transformation strategy