Virtusa / Application Support & Management

Accelerating Innovation in Application Services

Virtusa’s Application Services & Maintenance helps businesses thrive in today’s dynamic, global, and mobile environment by maximizing business value from existing and new technologies.

We harness the power of digital technologies and our engineering expertise to help companies continually innovate and drive maximum efficiencies.

Industry Domain Expertise

We cater to every industry, technical area, and for every type of application.

Key Technologies

We have expert knowledge of key technologies that are disrupting the industry, and leverage best practices for integration with legacy applications.

Proven Methodologies

We apply proven methodologies for use cases and requirements that are domain agnostic and recommend solutions that enhance outcomes.

Automation Focused

We compress cycle time, and deliver cost and productivity benefits for your near-/mid term goals.

Scalability and Agility

We architect business models and technology solutions to scale and deliver high agility to respond to dynamic environment.

Virtusa's Application Services & Maintenance helps modernize your applications portfolio, reduce costs and improve business agility.