A Unified Platform That Modernizes All Aspects Of Your Complex Provider Relationships

With Virtusa Provider Lifecycle Management, you can address the multiple challenges you face in each of these phases and manage your provider network effectively


Expand your Provider Network by recruiting providers seamlessly using eForms and high quality prospecting data


Expedite the legal contracting process using electronic application, eSignatures, and seamless integrations with multiple enterprise contracting systems


Improve the quality, accuracy, and speed of downstream processes by gathering the right information upfront


Automate and accelerate the tedious processes of credentialing providers using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Improve the speed and quality of loading demographic and complex pricing information into multiple downstream systems and directories by standardizing the data


Create transparency into the overall onboarding process for providers, provider services, and internal departments through a unified and accessible platform


Product Features

Robotic Automation

The PLM platform has market leading Robotic capabilities, where significant processes, specifically around Credentialing, are automated and the processes are completed without any human intervention. Removing the manual steps from Primary Source Verification can save >80% in ‘resources time’ for payers. The Solution supports the ability to use Robotics from Data Intake, to Credentialing, to loading demographic and pricing data into systems.

Pre-built Integrations

The PLM platform has pre-built integrations for both internal and external sources. Organizations looking for external sources of provider data will be able to utilize our integration for import 1000s of data elements from CAQH. Similarly, the platform supports seamless integrations with internal contracting systems, credentialing systems, claims systems, provider directories and more by modeling the data for upstream and downstream usage.

Interactive Dashboards & Reporting

The PLM platform provides users a clear view into their most critical cases, work items, performance reports, and other insights through interactive dashboards with a rich user experience. Customer Services can now give Providers accurate updates on their overall on-boarding progress and status.

Automated Roster File Management

The PLM platform enables payers to bulk process roster data from multiple provider organizations, consistently. The solution standardizes the data (and complex processes) involved in accurately intaking, formatting, transforming, and loading data from multiple provider organizations into downstream systems. The Roster File Management capabilities takes this manual and repetitive process and automates it to significantly increasing operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Intelligent Workflow Management

The PLM platform is built on leading enterprise platforms that empower organizations to manage multi-departmental workflows and complex provider data structures. The solution has built in Smart Business Rules, Document Checklists, Intelligent Case Routing, pre-defined State-based Rules, Business Admin Portal, and many other capabilities that significantly improve operational efficiencies for Provider & Network Management organizations.

Digital Enablement

The PLM platform will drive the digital transformation of the Provider & Network Management organizations at payers. The platform modernizes the intake of information (online Professional & Ancillary Credentialing Applications), enables eSignature capabilities through the contracting process, provides an Omni Channel approach to access information, delivers a user-centered design with superior UX/UI, and increases user adoption – both internally and externally with providers.

Product Experience

With PLM, managing provider relationships no longer needs to be an expensive, inefficient and time consuming process. PLM provides you the ultimate 360 degree view, helping you make informed decisions on the go. It’s time to work smarter!

PLM in action.


Transforming provider onboarding at a Fortune 500 Healthcare company

A Fortune 500 Healthcare company that focuses exclusively on providing government- sponsored managed care services.