Reintroducing the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

Healthcare is ripe for disruption.

Customers, frustrated with the escalating cost of healthcare and the disjointed experience across the healthcare ecosystem (doctors, hospital systems, rehab facilities, pharmacies, and drug companies), are ready. In this paper, we explore the art of the possible.

We will provide a view of a superior healthcare experience using today’s technology that creates the baseline for what could be possible with tomorrow’s innovations.

Delivering this experience requires transformation in three areas:

  1. Digitizing healthcare players and stitching them together into a connected ecosystem
  2. Integrating emerging technologies such as connected devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence into the above connected ecosystem
  3. Providing customers with ownership of their healthcare data and empowering them to manage their own health

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The Art of the Digital Wargame

The Art of the Digital WargameVirtusa recently helped a large bank that is facing disruption to its core business from Asian super-competitors, Tencent and Alibaba. This battle, despite the geography, is a case study for Western incumbents in service industries as they strategize on a pre-emptive move or a response to US technology giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google), who are on an eventual trajectory to disrupt their respective industries.

In this case, our client watched with concern as Alibaba and Tencent established partnerships, invested in local companies, and built government relationships throughout its market. Our client worried that, as had happened in China, the local marketplace was about to be upended as these super-competitors, whose roots were outside banking, were positioning themselves to rollout their broader ecosystems, including payments and banking services, to domestic consumers.

This paper describes how we customized a traditional strategy tool, the Wargame, to help our client develop a strategic response to the threat of digital disruption. Through our approach, we mobilized a small army of employees into action, making them well-versed in the upcoming competition, and capable of responding swiftly and precisely to potential competitor action.

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The Death of Business as Usual and the Unraveling of the Vertical Industry Structure: The Emerging Threat from Chinese Giants

The Death of Business as Usual and the Unraveling of the Vertical Industry Structure: The Emerging Threat from Chinese GiantsA tsunami of industry disruption is on the horizon and most western companies have yet to wake up to the threat. This highly disruptive revolution, while starting in Asia, will soon impact Western economies forcing service companies out of their vertical industry orientation and into horizontal, experience-oriented business models.

After dominating the manufacturing industries for decades, today, the Chinese juggernaut is poised to take control of the services industries as well, through a carefully planned, well-crafted strategy of owning the consumer mindshare.

Western companies need to respond now, by developing strategies to adopt a consumer lifestyle enabling approach, stitching together services from adjacent industries, allowing them to fit seamlessly into the daily activities of the millennial consumer.

This paper helps you understand the magnitude of the disruption, how it has the potential to unravel your business, and options available to compete.

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