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The Virtusa-Pega partnership has grown in strength since starting out in 2002. We are Pega’s oldest partner and the only one to partner with Pega in developing products for financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecom, media, and manufacturing industries.

Virtusa’s service philosophy matches Pega’s capabilities, truly transform how businesses interact with customers. Our strong team of 3500+ Pega practioners work with clients in reimagining customer experiences through digital process automation (DPA). We have executed 200+ DPA programs that include some of the largest Pega Implementations in the world.


Provider Lifecycle Management

Virtusa's Provider Lifecycle Management solution, built on the Pega 8 platform and and Pega’s Healthcare industry framework, offers a unified platform that modernizes all aspects of the complex provider relationship.

Provider Lifecycle Management

Virtusa’s PLM solution is built on Pega’s industry-leading Pega 8 platform and healthcare industry framework. PLM addresses the many challenges payers face in prospecting, contracting, on-boarding, credentialing, pricing configuration and servicing for providers.

Key features

Robotic automation: The PLM platform uses Pega’s market-leading Robotic capabilities, which significantly automate process including credentialing, and limit human intervention.

Pre-built integrations: The PLM platform has pre-built integrators for internal and external sources. Organizations looking for external sources of provider data can use the integration to import a large quantity of data elements from the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH).

Interactive dashboards and reporting: The PLM platform provides users a clear view into their most critical cases, work items, and performance reports with interactive dashboards that deliver a rich user experience.

Automated roster file management: The PLM platform enables payers to consistently process roster data in bulk from multiple sources. The solution standardizes the complex processes involved in the accurate intake, formatting, transformation, and loading of data from multiple provider organizations to downstream systems.

Intelligent workflow management: The PLM platform is built on leading enterprise business process management (BPM) and sales force automation (SFA) platforms that empower organizations to manage multidepartmental workflows and complex provider data structures.

Digital enablement: The PLM platform can be used to drive the digital transformation of providers and network management organizations.

Learn more about Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Cognitive Intake

Virtusa’ s Cognitive Intake solution utilizes advanced robotics, digital process automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly enhance PV processing efficiency.

Cognitive Intake

It takes a human an average of 15 minutes to process an inbound case safety report (ICSR). If an ICSR becomes an adverse event (AE), average processing increases to several hours. What if you could utilize advanced robotics, digital process automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce that time by 70 percent to 80 percent? Virtusa introduces Cognitive Pharmacovigilance (PV) Intake, powered by Pega. Our solution uses Pega’s process and decision-based technology to create a reusable AE case-processing and product-compliant environment that provides rapid configurability to address global requirements.


  • Dynamic intake using natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR), language translation, and sentiment analysis
  • Omni-channel experience with email, fax, web flex forms, and social media
  • Automated case triage and identification of serious adverse events (SAEs)
  • Auto-generated acknowledgement emails to senders and bi-directional communication
  • Flexible regional and internal/external storage, access, and privacy model
  • Document exchange with case-processing system

Virtusa Logistics Decisioning

Virtusa’s Logistics Decisioning Solution helps logistics companies manage uncertainty, cut operational costs, and deliver superior customer service by providing accurate “order track & trace” capability.

Virtusa Logistics Decisioning

Virtusa’s logistics decision tool, Where is My Order (WisMO), is a framework built on the Pega platform that allows customers to accurately track and trace their orders. The framewrork helps manufacturers and logistics companies gain insights on order status in real time. By automating shipment tracking, WisMO enables a 360-degree view with track and trace for different vehicle configurations. The framework is built on a robust foundation with industry-standard attributes, making it easy to adapt to specific requirements. These logistics industry building blocks are configurable and flexible, which allows for easy integration of new concepts such as blockchain and new technologies such as drones while also complying with stringent regulations.

Virtusa’s WisMO framework helps logistics companies manage uncertainty, cut operational costs, and deliver superior customer service. Key features include

INSIGHTFUL DASHBOARDS: The framework comes with various dashboards with typical key performance indicators (KPIs) to better manage shipment delivery and pre-empt any significant changes that might affect fulfilment.

WEATHER WIDGET: We’ve integrated technology such as weather widgets to help logistics companies determine how weather may affect order delivery.

FLEXIBILITY: The framework is designed to allow maximum flexibility. The ability to receive orders from separate sales and order systems and integrate warehouse management, transportation management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is part of the foundational design.

Virtusa Siebel/SFDC CRM Conversion to Pega 8

Virtusa's CRM to Pega solution makes migrating any CRM to Pega smooth, error free, and at significantly lower costs.

Virtusa Siebel/SFDC CRM Conversion to Pega 8

Migrating legacy systems to a new CRM is usually complex and expensive and may take years to complete. Mounting pressure from customers for quick turnaround time, effective processing, and responsive systems adds to the migration challenges. Pega offers a powerful CRM that addresses these challenges. Migration to Pega can still be arduous, but not with Virtusa on your side.

Virtusa has been doing Pega upgrades and dealing with the challenges of legacy development for over two decades. Our expertise in Pega upgrades, best practices, and solution delivery differentiates our capability from that of everyone else in the Pega ecosystem. With our upgrade expertise, Virtusa helps you make this CRM migration journey smooth and error free. Virtusa’s Conduit examines the existing implementation and helps you properly size, plan, and identify capabilities for retention. Conduit investigates the legacy solution and provides a sizing estimate of the migration. It then offers capabilities to change the legacy implementation artefacts into Pega rules, accelerating the migration effort.

Virtusa Pega Collections Accelerator

Virtusa's Collections Accelerator increases the collection rate while enabling regulatory compliance using innovative AI.

Virtusa Pega Collections Accelerator

Virtusa’s collections and default management solution, built on the Pega collections tool, addresses these challenges and allows businesses to be both compliant and innovative in their approach to managing and optimizing bad debt. Further, with a focus on default prediction, we can help you prevent delinquency and defaults.

PERSONALIZATION: Provide personalized experiences aligned to customer needs. The solution enables relevant communication across channels.

PROTECT REVENUES: Predict potential default cases and provide tailored recovery strategies.

AUTOMATION: Automate end-to-end business processes to minimize operational costs.

Virtusa Implementation Health & Maintenance Program

Virtusa’s Health Assessment Solution for Pega applications helps diagnose application inefficiencies and also predicts any breakdown in application performance.

Virtusa Implementation Health & Maintenance Program

Virtusa’s health assessment solution for Pega applications not only helps diagnose application inefficiencies but also predicts any breakdown in application performance. Business teams no longer need to schedule checkups, as the solution runs in the background, continually collecting performance data. Any dip in performance is immediately tracked and reported, along with actionable insights on fixing the errors.

ANALYSIS: Identify performance hotspots and derive a tactical and strategic rescue plan.

HEATMAP: End-to-end application scan that captures the process gap using the process repository and project knowledge base.

MODULAR: Ensures a scalable and reusable code base that can adhere to the performance requirements and other NFRs.

GOVERNANCE: Assesses accuracy of estimation and sizing methodology and sanitizes compliance violations.

EFFICIENCY: Saves time by identifying potential risks in code quality and reduces the cost to fix the underlying issues.

Success Stories

The Virtusa and Pega partnership is 15+ years strong!

Virtusa's service philosophy matches Pega's capabilities, truly transform how businesses interact with customers.

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