Virtusa’s AWS SaaS Practice

Virtusa’s AWS Software as a Service (SaaS) practice brings a history of product engineering and domain expertise to the AWS Cloud through the AWS Marketplace. Our SaaS practice transforms our proprietary platform offerings into a SaaS model to help our clients quickly build value through our solutions.

Our SaaS offerings are built to enable innovation in your business and provide capabilities to help you better adopt emerging technologies. Our domain expertise allows us to offer discrete industry-based versions to help businesses in the Financial Services, Life Sciences, or Telecommunications industries innovate in a contextually-focused sandbox environment.

Virtusa’s AWS SaaS Offerings

Virtusa’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP)

An integrated development environment that helps companies kickstart their AWS journey and promote a culture of innovation by partnering them with select solution providers through the Lean Agile model. Offered in an industry-agnostic version, and industry-specific versions for the Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Telecommunications industries.

Virtusa’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP)

Virtusa’s OIP is a purpose-built, integrated development environment that is based on the trend that the world is moving towards an ‘open system’. The OIP gives companies the ability to handle the many challenges of innovation, such as managing regulatory compliance, evaluating and ideating solutions with partners firms, develop in their own production environment, collaborate with multiple entities, and even run hackathons to leverage crowd intelligence. Every element of the OIP is underpinned by a synthetic data set that correspond to customer records and transactions that replicate the data of each industry’s environment, allowing players in the Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Telecommunications industries to quickly evaluate solutions and circumvent intensive data migrations. The Open Innovation Platform is optimized for AWS and leverages a host of tools such as Amazon VPC, EC2, RDS, S3, Route 53, and CloudFront among others to ensure a well-architected framework.

With Virtusa’s OIP, financial institutions can:

  • Build MVPs to create unconventional revenue streams through new banking services
  • Journey through an idea hypothesis to a minimum viable product (MVP) with measurable outcomes
  • Utilize a strong catalogue of APIs and FinTechs to validate and develop MVPs
  • Experiment in a risk-free environment
  • Reduce time and cost for any innovation initiative

Virtusa’s AI Analytics Sandbox and AI model-zoo assets

Preconfigured AI offerings to help you develop, deploy, and govern analytics models and a variety of vertical-specific AI model-zoo assets to for out-of-the-box AI functionality.

Virtusa’s AI Analytics Sandbox and AI model-zoo assets

Virtusa’s AI offerings are born from its Open Innovation Platform, but are offered in a standalone SaaS offering to directly tie in with your AI development, deployment, and governance needs. Along with an analytics sandbox to help you kick off your AI journey, Virtusa also provides numerous vertical-specific AI model-zoo assets, which are pre-trained models that provide out-of-the-box functionality for a variety of industry-specific use cases.

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