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Virtusa is the first system integrator (SI) partner to finish DB Freedom Program with AWS. With two decades of data management expertise, we help build cloud-native data store for organizations leveraging services such as Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon EMR. We use a holistic approach to migrate legacy data store to AWS. Our proprietary data migration accelerators combined with native AWS migration utilities offers a differentiated approach to cloud enable your data systems.

We leverage native AWS utilities such as Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) and DMS (Data Migration Services) for one-time schema migration and initial data load.

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Data migration services & accelerators

Data Asset Rationalization Framework

Data Asset Rationalization Framework enables rationalization of on-premise data assets prior to cloud migration and facilitates identification of the right set of data to be migrated. It classifies enterprise data assets and provides rationalization recommendations in line with the future state data strategy.

Database Objects Analyzer

Database Objects Analyzer aids in quick analysis of database objects (tables, views, stored procedures, functions, scripts/codes) and helps in sizing the project and complexity of migration. It offers reports containing list of objects such as transformations and functions, complexity information, and source/target dependency information.

Code Converter

Code Converter converts procedural logic/SQL code into SQL scripts/PySpark data frames, preserving business logic and general flow. It groups patterns and migrates code segments (70-95%), reducing total project cost by up to 80%. It also refactors the code so that native cloud elasticity can be leveraged.

PySpark Data Transformation Framework

PySpark-based Data Transformation Framework helps in processing incremental data load. It was developed using Sqoop, PySpark, AWS Glue, AWS Glue catalogue and AWS S3. It reduces the effort to build new ETL job by 50% and delivers 40% improved performance over several leading COTS ETL platforms.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is an Apache Hadoop and Spark distribution built for the cloud that combines the integration and testing rigor of commercial Hadoop distributions with the scale, simplicity, and cost effectiveness of the cloud. It allows you to launch Hadoop and Spark clusters in minutes without needing to do node provisioning, cluster setup, Hadoop configuration, or cluster tuning.

Amazon Redshift

Many organizations are still working with high-cost, low-performing data warehouses that limit their business intelligence potential. Business deserves better - Amazon Redshift frees you from costly license agreements while providing performance and scalability built for fast business outcomes. Virtusa’s enterprise data warehouse modernization approach combines methodology with native AWS utilities and Virtusa’s proprietary accelerators to ensure speed that leads to results.

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We offer end-to-end services right from helping you jumpstart your AWS journey, to migrating and managing solutions from the AWS suite.

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