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What is vLife®?

vLife® hosts more than 500 healthcare and life sciences applications focused on key therapeutic areas such as type 2 diabetes, orthopedics, renal, oncology, and epidemiology. It is an integrated AI-based platform equipped with capabilities such as synthetic data generation tools, computer vision, platform AI, and faster AI enables high-level understanding from data, digital images, and videos.


Why vLife®?

Accelerate and advance data analytics across drug discovery, clinical development, and value-based care delivery models to produce superior outcomes.

Restart operations

Get ready to resume normal operations with detailed guidelines addressing current scenarion.

Tackle massive backlog

Catch up on the enormous backlog of patients, appointments, tests, and clinical trials result.

Collaborate to innovate

Advance AI technologies collaboratively to create intelligent solutions for better health outcomes.

Key applications

Data Shapley

Video Analytics


Network Graph Analyzer

Medical Image Segmentation


Incision Care Management

Key offerings

  • Provider Services
  • Payer Services


  • Bio-Informatics-as-a-Service
  • Commercial Analytics


  • Clinical Trials
  • Patient Engagement


  • Innovation-as-a-Service
  • Partner Offerings


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