Accelerating the digital future with 5G

Thursday February, 03 2022
12:00 PM GMT (GMT+0:00)

5G and edge computing are creating revenue opportunities across key industry sectors. Want to learn how you can unlock the true potential of these game-changing technologies, like reduced latency, higher data transfer rate, and increased bandwidth?

Join us for an interactive discussion to learn how you can design for the future and add connectivity to maximize enterprise value with 5G.

Key Takeaways:

  • What can 5G offer enterprises beyond connectivity? How do cloud, network, and edge converge to deliver services anytime, anywhere?
  • How does 5G act as a force multiplier in redefining digital transformation?
  • How can you build an ecosystem to monetize and deliver different commercial models to attract customers?
  • What are the key considerations for choosing engineering services for 5G solutions?


Girish Ramadurgam

Girish Ramadurgam

Solution Leader - TMT

Dan Bieler

Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Guest speaker

Vijeta Singh

Vijeta Singh


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