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Businesses are moving quickly to the cloud…...but most only use a fraction of the functionality they pay for.

Catapult ahead of competitors by getting more from existing IT

Navigate business challenges with confidence

Cloud migration comes with complexities:

  • Siloed organizations
  • Security and compliance risks
  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Business and IT misalignment

Master your path forward with Virtusa and Google Cloud Platform

Take advantage of Virtusa’s proven track record and methodologies for GCP.

  • 11,000+ domain experts
  • 13+ solutions and accelerators
  • 10-year partnership with GCP

Google Cloud’s 2020 Partner of the Year in Cloud Migration

Flip the switch on major IT & business benefits

  • Simplify operations
  • Improve efficiency
  • Easily integrate AI and ML
  • Improve security and reliability
  • Innovate and grow revenue
  • Virtusa drives 5X ROI for GCP customers

Virtusa leads the way

Skills & Expertise to Ease the Cloud Journey

  • Modernize
    • Cultivate your legacy apps for cloud
  • Migrate
    • Move apps to the best execution venue
  • Optimize
    • Power greater efficiency and innovation

Modernize faster

Virtusa evaluates apps for business value, IT efficiency, and cloud stability before moving to the cloud.

  • 60% faster app modernization
  • 30% improved productivity
  • 40% greater efficiency

Unmatched cloud migration

Virtusa migrates apps, data, and infrastructure securely and with minimal disruption.

  • 40% faster migration
  • +30% increased productivity
  • 50% faster application delivery

Optimize for growth

Change the game with Virtusa and GCP

  • More efficient technology
  • Reduced costs
  • Greater integration and visibility
  • Faster setup and time-to-market
  • AI and ML integration out of the box

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