Sushant K. Singh

Sushant K. Singh

Senior Architect, Head of Artificial Intelligence Competency.

Virtusa takes pride in all its employees, contributing significantly to company growth and client successes. In this edition of our spotlight story we highlight Dr. Sushant K. Singh, Senior Architect, Head of Artificial Intelligence Competency. Based in New Jersey, US, Dr. Singh holds two Ph.D. degrees from Montclair State University, New Jersey, and Magadh University, India. He specializes in statistics, geospatial, and Machine Learning (ML) modeling tools and techniques.

As an executive member of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) committee of Virtusa, Dr. Singh is responsible for helping to develop the company’s AI strategies and ventures with his expertise in the field. He brings incredible vision and business acumen to his role. Under his leadership, Virtusa has been growing into an AI powerhouse. His vast experience has been invaluable as it helps us develop ground-breaking solutions in the healthcare and life sciences segment.

Dr. Singh started his journey with Virtusa in 2015 and has grown into a leader and a known voice of the AI community. His certifications include Google’s Advanced Solution Lab’s sponsored training in advanced AI tools and technologies, and InterSystems’s certificate in building and managing HL7. Some of his pet projects include frameworks, models, algorithms, databases, state-of-the-art tools for dashboard automation, and geospatial mapping for fraud detection and prediction applications.

One of his passionate contributions to Virtusa is vLife™, the healthcare and life sciences applications marketplace. Being the trailblazer of advanced AI technologies, he imbibed AI and ML transformative capabilities in vLife™. Dr. Singh's contribution of vLife™ addresses challenges through well-architected AI applications that support various technology components—from base technology infrastructure to user experience. Therefore, his creation acted as a critical differentiator in taking up a leader's role at work.

Championing success, his recent paper, which is titled “Career in Environmental Informatics,” advocates for the application of AI in environmental sustainability. His paper is awarded 4th rank in the ecology journals and the world’s most downloaded paper by Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Dr. Singh also commenced the world’s first scholarship to promote research on arsenic issues in India and build the leaders of tomorrow.  He perceives every new challenge as a unique opportunity to learn. He believes you can evolve into a leader by facing challenges with confidence and moving forward with full energy and zeal. With this influential thought, he jointly designed an International Certificate Program on Environmental Data Analytics with one of India's leading IT universities.

Dr. Singh is an innovator and invaluable asset not only to us and our clients but to the entire AI and tech community.  

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