Virtusa's service philosophy matches Pega's capabilities, truly transform how businesses interact with customers.

  • Triple R

    Our Recon, Refactor, Replatform methodology helps clients rationalize, modernize, and optimize existing Pega applications to move forward into a world that is Cloud native and driven by AI, decisioning, robotics and seamless channel integration.

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  • Conduit

    The conduit framework helps make migration from any CRM to Pega, a seamless and error-free journey with high data security and automated data migration.

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  • PLM

    The provider lifecycle management drives network growth and quality for our clients, their customers, and provider network. It addresses challenges in prospecting, contracting, credentialing, primary source of verification (PSV), pricing configuration and e-signature.

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  • E-Consent

    This unique solution crawls consent repositories, leverages OCR to digitize consent, and uses machine learning to assist the ethics teams in decision making to enhance patient experience.

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  • PV Intake

    Based on Pega's process and decision-based technology, our cognitive pharmacovigilance intake solution leverages OCR, NLP, and AI to create a reusable adverse event case processing and product compliant environment.

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  • Complaints Management System for Insurers

    Our Pega based solution for insurers transforms complaints processing by providing efficient workflows and platforms for collaboration, to improve regulatory compliance and enhance policy holder satisfaction.

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  • Smart Investigate

    Our accelerated implementation and support for the Pega Smart Investigate (SI) solution helps deliver control and transparency into payment investigation while managing complex payment transformations.

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  • Logistics Decisioning

    The WiSMO (Where is My Order?) solution empowers accurate logistics decision making by providing clear visibility across the manufacturing value chain.

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  • Know your Customer (KYC)

    We help streamline processes and enforce regulatory compliance by accelerating the deployment of Pega's KYC unified platform.

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