Hall 2.0 | Fira Gran Via | Barcelona
February 25 - 28, 2019
Meeting room 2A12MR

Digital 2.0
Reimagine the telco of the future


  • Digital Experience Layer

    Virtusa’s Digital Experience Layer offers CSPs the ability to eliminate fragmented customer journeys while delivering seamless and consistent experiences across different channels such as mobile, call center, IVR, social, portal, PoS, smart devices etc.

    • Overlays on existing legacy systems leveraging our industry leading microservices integration framework to provide profound customer experience while reducing our customers’ TCO and time to market
    • Dynamic sales catalogue to offer flexibility for customers to create product and service bundles
    • Inbuilt analytics engine to deliver personalized experience and contextual real-time offers based on micro customer segmentation
  • AI Based Knowledge Hub

    Virtusa’s AI Based Knowledge Hub, tailored for communication, provides deep, actionable insight for customer, operation and network functions to accelerate their time to market.

    • Real-time storage of information in the knowledge hub delivers co-relation, historical patterns and search impact assessment
    • Proactive network anomaly predictive with 95% accuracy
    • 360 view of the customer insights such as ARPU prediction, satisfaction index, viewing patterns, propensity to buy
  • Virtusa’s Smart Document Processing (V-SDP)

    Virtusa’s Smart Document Processing (V-SDP) is an AI-driven, open-source COTS solution that leverages our unique automation framework built on UiPath platform to optimize the accounts payable (AP) process. It digitizes invoices, contracts, and bills from multiple sources and formats with minimum errors, thereby enhancing accuracy in AP processes. Using Machine Learning, the solution delivers key functionalities such as data extraction, error reduction, and next-best-action, while reducing the need for manual exception handling. V-SDP is a cost-effective, scalable, extensible, and auditable solution that readily integrates with multiple platforms and contributes to highly efficient AP processing and enhanced customer experience.

    • Capability to automate 50+ F&A processes
    • 80%+ accuracy in field identification and data extraction using machine learning
    • Proposes next-best action through human-in-loop mechanism, thereby promoting higher percentage of overall automation
    • Lower cost of implementation as the solution is developed using open-source technologies
    • Seamlessly integrates with UiPath platform, enabling automation of end-to-end process journeys
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