Establish a digital call center with customer service bots

As artificial intelligence allows machines to talk more and more like humans, companies are increasingly turning to robots to answer customer calls.

Businesses have been trying to streamline and cut customer service costs for decades. Companies are now looking for new, smart RPA to reduce headcount and increase the efficiency of customer service operations with smart responses for common queries, intelligent operator routing, and response recommendations.

Automated Customer Service with Robotics

Reduce full-time equivalents (FTEs) and achieve a better response time in customer service operations

Automated Customer Service with Robotics

The combination of a robotics solution to integrate with customer service systems and a cognitive engine to understand customer queries, respond to simple cases, and route complex ones can help transform customer service operations and make them less FTE intensive.

Call Center Transformation

We applied desktop robotic automation solutions to automate manual data-entry tasks and enable faster ticket resolution for the call center operations of an insurance giant

Intelligent Automation for Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Maximum STP in client onboarding and KYC

Intelligent Automation for Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Our solutions for CLM integrate with commonly used platforms such as Pega and Fenergo and also with external systems used for KYC. In addition, we use machine learning to automate various document-processing tasks in CLM processes. This combination of rule-based robotics and machine learning reduces a significant amount of manual work involved.

KYC Remediation Transformation

We built a robotics solution to automate the extraction of information from regulator websites and also automate politically-exposed person (PEP) checks that need to happen when onboarding an institution or client

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