Intelligent bots automate email processing and streamline back office

Large financial institutions, insurance companies, and government agencies certainly need to process huge volumes of paperwork. Insurance claims, medical forms, employee records, and compliance sheets are just some of the more common documents that need to be processed through data entry, auditing, or regulatory filing.

As a result, back office operations are heavy and digitizing the process of handling emails, understanding context, and taking action can radically change back office workflow and increase efficiency and accuracy. A combination of RPA and cognitive science can help achieve this goal.

Intelligent Automation for Capital Markets Operations

Automate post trade operations across asset classes

Intelligent Automation for Capital Markets Operations

There is a lot of manual activity in post trade functions such as trade validation, confirmation, settlement, position reconciliation, and fails management. Our solutions apply cognitive robotics to integrate with disparate trade back-office systems and work with unstructured data from counterparty communications to  help to reduce the trade lifecycle and ensure regulatory compliance.

Derivatives Operations Transformation

Virtusa implemented a solution to read unstructured data from counterparty communications using machine learning and settle cash movements for cleared derivatives

Trade Confirmations

We used robotics and machine learning combine to pick up FX Trade Confirmation messages from counterparties, extract information, and enter a confirmation status in trade systems

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