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Innovative solutions for Open Banking

The era of closed banking is winding up. Are you open to being open?

Consumers no longer want to deal with rigid control-and-command structures with assets, services and data locked away behind proprietary interfaces. The future, moving fast on the wave of PSD2 and CMA9, is Open Banking. It involves challenging choices. But it’s revolutionizing how banks can:

  • Generate value
  • Differentiate
  • Win competitive advantage

It’s both the route to digital transformation and the commercial imperative. Open Banking’s not just about IT modernization or creating a slick mobile banking app. It’s also about rethinking an intelligent banking model. So that legacy systems can be reinvented via fast-developing technologies such as Fintech, microservices and APIs.

By exposing data, algorithms and processes, Open Banking offers the opportunity, too, to deal with new regulatory pressures. All while creating fresh customer-centric experiences and revenue streams – just like today’s successful digital giants.

Virtusa xLabs is open thinking for Open Banking

Our solutions help your see the potential to rethink the way you do your business.
We track our knowledge base of emerging technologies to identify and deliver your best-value agile solutions to connect people and processes.

With the tools, expertise and talent for rapid time-to-market performance, we accelerate your tech-enabled innovation cycle and unleash new business value. So you can grow at the new pace of change.

Open Innovation Platform

Build new business models and products in collaboration with FinTechs/RegTechs/InsureTechs

Open Innovation Platform

Find out how Virtusa xLabs can help you comply with the Open Banking regulations.