Increase the effectiveness of your agile journey by 50-70% through DevOps

As the digital transformation journey progresses, many companies are finding the need for a new set of skills. The era of “surface digital” where companies mostly focused on front-end transformation in their customer-facing mobile and web platforms is now evolving towards “deep digital” where much deeper legacy transformation is required. While surface digital-focused on front-end skills in mobile, web, user experience and digital marketing deep digital is driving the need for skills in microservices and DevOps.

Microservices architecture has emerged and is going through a massive business transformation, where old ways of building monolithic architectures are about to disappear and the focus will be on more agile and scalable solutions. Many companies have initiated their journeys towards Agile delivery and DevOps, which are paramount to realizing the success of microservice-based solutions. The insurance industry is considering this as no less than a boon while they are struggling with legacy applications holding back digital acceleration and innovation. A microservice approach will provide opportunities to deliver value at regular intervals rather than waiting for a massive technology transformation to happen.

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