Helping clients make the right choice without costly investments

Arriving at the right answer and solution ideas for critical business problems can frequently be a long and costly effort. Organizations need all the information they can get, including a view of what the outcome of certain decisions might look like. We help companies compress decision cycles and see realistic solution prototypes validated with actual end users in a low-risk and low-investment environment. Using our methodology, companies can narrow down the problem scope to the most critical areas, source solution ideas from different perspectives, and create a realistic prototype of the most viable solution.


Virtusa Five-Day Sprint (VFS)

Helping multidisciplinary teams to understand, ideate, prototype, and test solutions before launching into product development

Virtusa Five-Day Sprint (VFS)

VFS helps businesses leapfrog the decision making and solution development process through a combination of our business consulting, design thinking, and XLabs Innovation platform.

  • Make critical decisions in a low-risk environment: Aided by the ability to see the impact your decisions have on end users
  • Learn from every aspect of the VFS journey: Incorporate feedback from the sprint into final solution
  • Engage a targeted set of stakeholders: Work with a key set of stakeholders to accelerate ideation and solutioning
  • Create realistic solution prototypes: Provide real end-user feedback without costly investments

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